Thursday, December 28, 2006

D.U. Pissants

My goodness, you'd think Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton had died.

The moonbat version of Christmas spirit continues to linger at Democratic Underground, where commenters have been displaying their characteristic level of class toward former President Gerald Ford, a decent and thoroughly unobjectionable man who passed away yesterday at the age of 93. Please excuse the grammar, punctuation, spelling, and vile language:

  • May he rot in hell for his cowardice and complicity.
  • The guy was an EVIL MOTHERFUCKER who sent many innocent Americans to death for war profits. Fuck him and the bunch who rode in with him. 'm glad he is dead! I only wish he suffered more!
  • I will not be mourning this man.Wonder what it costs we, the people, to bury one of these men ?
  • There is not one thing sad about this guy passing on.
  • take your useless sentimantality and do something else with it.
  • His death was not mourned here at DU.
  • Except for the SNL skit Chevy Chase did, there wasn't much to remember Except for all those times they showed him on teevee falling down stairs trying to get out of Air Force One. Man, seeing that happen always made me feel proud to be an American. LoL
  • Ford sucked. Remember the W.I.N (Whip Inflation Now) campaign? Just another rethuglikan trashing the world at our expense.
  • I'm glad to see that DUer's haven't lost their edge after Xmas and still recognize a Rethug when they see one.
  • Ford was a bumbling idiot of a politician alright and little else except an enabler for the gop lies that continue to this day. Good damn riddance, thats my opinion.
  • Gerald Ford was possibly one of the most evil and murderous men to ever hold office.
  • Goodbye Mr Ford. I hope for your sake there are golf courses in Hell. Tell Raygun we said Hi!
  • Now I s'pose we'll drop to half-mast for what? A month? Like for stupid Reagan?
  • If you can't say anything nice about a person....then that person must be a recently deceased republic president.
  • MSM Hagiographers are busily putting the finishing touches on the rewritten history. And yet all some do is act concerned about DU's image and how we might be seen as mean by some other entity.
  • Ford was j.Edgar Hoover's stooge planted in the warren commission!
  • I have a big sloppy lugie for him.
  • The man was a Repug...... and the country is better off for every Repug who is gone. Good riddance.
  • There is NO SUCH THING as a good Repug ... They seek to expand this "American democracy" upon the rest of the world, through force if necessary. Fuck Republicans. All of them.

Et cetera. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to take a long shower.

It almost makes civil war sound attractive, as well as probably necessary. I like the guy who complained about "W-I-N."  I bet he too is thankful that Ronald Reagan came along and fixed all that. That snapshot of the Donk sewer is from  Van Helsing, who also handicaps tonight's Pacific Life Holiday Bowl (Sheesh), pitting Texas A&M against Cal Berkeley.  Sample criteria ...

Military history:
Texas A&M: The school opened in 1876 as the Agricultural and Mechanical (A&M) College of Texas, with mandated military training. Its Corps of Cadets remains the largest uniformed body of students in the nation outside the U.S. service academies, according to its Web site.
Cal: Students formed the epicenter of the antiwar movement in the 1960s as the Vietnam War raged on. In 1965, hundreds tried to stop trains of troops by standing on the tracks in West Berkeley.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing of any redeeming value at DU or the people that inhabit the place. they are demonstrating there democrat values and principals. which do stand for something. "You cannot seperate the private man from the public man" Some wise person once said.

Anonymous said...

I'd comment on the DU rants, but my mother made me promise to never torment dumb animals.

Anonymous said...

The party of Love, Peace, Tolerance and Understanding!

Anonymous said...

The party of P eace..U nderstanding..K indness..E quality or as we say..P.U.K.E.

Anonymous said...

Typical ignorant young Americans. Most of these tools probably weren't even born when Ford was Prez. All they are capable of is regurgitating what they are told.

During the purge, prolly ought to test perps before execution. Kinda like Leno "man on street" interviews. That would expose the regurgitators. wmprof

Anonymous said...

God Jack, I love your comments but please learn the difference between Their, There and They're as well as what they mean.

cmblake6 said...

I need to buy more ammo. This, of course, is why they try so hard to take away our guns. We've got them, they don't. And we really need to use them. Soon.

Anonymous said...

I was recently playing poker and the phrase came to mind: "Peace on Earth, good will toward men."

I don't wanna play poker if there is peace and no rambunctiousness, sounds like a knitting circle.

And screw good will toward men, I want them all at the table to lose.

Guess the truce is truly over.

(This is a metaphor, for the few that don't know.)

Anonymous said...

Never in myb life have I heard so much moronic drivel come from the libel left as this. God help this country after Jan 2007

Anonymous said...

I see these people as a swarm of automotons,following the example of others they deem as 'kewl',blind of perception,unpossesing of thinking ability,and in many cases too young to have gained the insight that comes with experience,fools leading fools,as they try to pull all down the road to hell.

Anonymous said...

I know and understand the difference and I believe you know that. I am not a typist I use to fingers and I do not always run spell check. This is not a spelling bee and I manage in my poor efforts to get my point across. But this is not about that it is about you being petty because I stated I would not vote for Rudy. I do not make crappy little comments about your post because of your support for the man. It is more than obvious that you have taken offense from that fact and have a burr under your saddle. You are starting to sound like the people from DU. Now I do not wish to be involved in a tit for tat with you. I have respected your opinions and attempted to discuss the candidates and issues in an amicable fashion you want to make it personal for some reason I rub you the wrong way. That was I assure you not my intent.

I have earned my right to my opinion and to vote for whom I believe reflects my principals and values or not to vote for them. I will not vote to place in office a man that is diametrically opposed to just about every issue that I support and as I have stated before there are millions of people that are social and physical conservatives about 65 million as a matter of fact. Some may hold there nose and vote for Rudy but again there are millions of us that will not. You have got to ask yourself does being a conservative stand for anything. I am unwilling to trade my principal and integrity for some perceived safety you feel that Rudy might afford. Those very actions are the reason we have arrived at our current position that being out of the majority in both houses. You seem to think that Islamic terrorists are the only danger to our country. I would refer you to Alexis De Tocqueville and his writings. There are many others.

Also I do not know how old you are or even your gender not that either is an advantage in wisdom I suppose but I have read many of the things you have posted and they are food for thought. Roger has been industrious enough to put this forum here and seeded it with humorously intellectual content which takes time and a good bit of talent I enjoy it but do not wish to abuse the privilege by becoming a bore. I look forward to more of your opinion in the future and I believe we can both state our case with out becoming personal and with mutual respect. You have even ignored my greetings of the season that was a dead give away. But once again I will wish you a very happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Are there any conservative blogs where the posts contain the volume of hate speech that is found at DU ?

Bravo Mr. Hamilton lack of respect for fellow Americans and their opinions reduce this and other blogs to childish nanny-nanny pooh-pooh kindergarden, vulgar shouting matches.

We can all live without that.

Anonymous said...

Dang that is twice now I have double posted. Not sure why my first post has not worked on a couple occasions. Oh by the way folks I will freely admit that english comp was my worst subject.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I erased one of them Jack .. and BTW, and just speaking for myself, I find considerable charm and warmth in your comments, and a good deal of common sense. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the help. Also thank you for the kind words. I will be the first to admit I am not a scholar.


Anonymous said...

Roger thank you for your help. Also thanks for the kind words. i think it has something to do with my wireless connection. I freely admit that I am not a scholar just an old soldier and flat foot that served the papers of our federal courts. By the way

I might even allow myself a small glass of old nb7.

Anonymous said...

Yep it has to be my wireless connection that is doing this. I will try to fix it. It just started the last couple days. If anyone has any idea let me know.

Anonymous said...

Get Firefox 2.0! Checks spelling as you type! For the fat-fingered and ignorant like me!

(Of course it doesn't know grammar so it won't help with there, their, they're, but it's still great!)

Anonymous said...

"Now I s'pose we'll drop to half-mast for what.." Hey stupid, it's half-staff, not half-mast unless you are on a boat.

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