Thursday, August 20, 2009

Smartest Dog Ever?


Stossel Does Health Care


Don't say "MILF" at the dinner table

Barney and Eugenics

There are some good points made between the Barny Frank and Eugenics videos.  Yes, the lady gave Bawney an excuse to avoid answering her, but no such admonition was ever delivered by Fwank against Code Pinkers, and others who disrupted forums and hearings while waving Bush-Hitler signs.  So her real mistake was not recognizing the left's rank hypocrisy in these matters. 

.... GREEN

VA - True Story

Ex-soldiers don't need to be
told they're a burden to society.

I just now received this timely e-mail. 
Hey I'm at work but saw your post about 'end of life' counseling at the VA and had to share something that happened STG just yesterday.  My dad ( 72) uses the VA hospital in  ________ for his healthcare and for the most part has received excellent care for the last several years.  He was scheduled for a laser prostate surgery yesterday morning.  When he got there - they didn't have him on the schedule ( typical government efficiency) so he re-rescheduled.  The doctor also said he was going to put him on another medicine and sent it to the pharmacy.  Later in the day my dad goes to pick it up and STG it was an anti-depressant!  Now my dad is the last person in the world to ever need anti-depressants (spoken as someone who has taken them for years).  I tried to figure out why an antidepressant would be prescribed for prostate trouble - and checked with a med professional last night about it.  He said it made no sense from a medical standpoint.

Now I just read your post and can't help but think that there was an ulterior motive in getting my dad labeled with a 'diagnosis' of depression.  What do you think?


What Chavez has wrought

Preview of Coming Attractions

Birds of a feather ...

U can allus trust a hippie

Cutting the cord

Ever greater numbers of Americans are disconnecting their home telephones, with momentous consequences

The Economist sees these problems arising ...
It will make life increasingly difficult for telecoms firms, naturally. But it will also hurt all business that require landlines, as bills rise and business models are disrupted. No less seriously, the withering fixed-line network threatens the work of the emergency services, such as the police and fire brigade.

The danger, says Mr Moffett, is that regulators will introduce new taxes on wireless and broadband services. Revenues from new services would then be used to keep an obsolete infrastructure alive—a recipe for lower growth. At that point, he says, the “wireline problem” really will be everyone’s problem.
Worry wart that I am, my thoughts center on how many satellites the ChiComs have to destroy in order to shut down all digital communication?  And will a gummint run by San Francisco hippies fund a national defense effort to protect them [Duh]?  I mean, what the hell.  If the Obamunists would scrap what I think is the single most important, and promising  defensive program the nation had, nothing is safe.  Like I said, buy crossbows while you can.  They're a bitch to make.

Kill a vet for O





Congo Bongo Cha Cha Cha

The Congo gets hold of NorK missile tech