Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Camelot my ass.

“If they’re going to talk about Camelot,
then we get to talk about The Lady in the Lake.”

Quote of the Day (Chuck)

Rep Rogers on Obamacare

Rep. Mike Rogers

Earlier I posted on a phenomenal speaker, Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R Mich), and here - another Republican, also the likes of which we don't see much of anymore.  He's also from  Michigan,.
Congressman Rogers' makes his opening statement on Health Care reform legislation that is under debate in Congress.
Some of the neatest people I've known, like the Mike Homants, and my own dear wife  and her family,  are from Michigan.  Yet, when I think of that state's politics, reprobates like Conyers, Stabenow, Riegle, Levin, and Dingell domibate.   I just looked it up, and was surprised to see that Democrats have just a one seat advantage (8-7) in that delegation.  Anyway, for the  second time this week Michigan has given me a boner. Watch this, and you will feel pretty perky yourself.


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People Arrested while in Costume
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Spencer Taylor of Three Rivers, Michigan, was arrested on July 27th, 2008 for trying to steal Obama paraphernalia from the lobby of a cinema. Taylor, dressed as Batman's nemesis The Him,  in a purple cape and fearsome face paint, was restrained by theater employees until police arrived. (More People Caught in a Costume)

Obama's Union Thugocracy

                    Same thing


Glen Beck on the media

The Democrat Media Complex

Really bad people

Stuff you don't forget ...

1) Get Republicans fired at your workplace, or fire them yourself if you can – In the belief that all activism starts with the grass roots, do us all a favor, and fire your Republican employees this week. There are legitimate reasons to fire virtually any employee, so avail yourself of them. Not only will it quit the gloating you’re hearing around the office, it’ll stop those donation checks they are getting ready to write. Might also teach them a bit of humility regarding the poor and the disadged. vantaThey can be the “Pioneers” of “Unemployment Window A” 

2) Contact the IRS and anonymously tip them off regarding prominent GOP contributors in your area. – Lets face it, they are likely tax evaders in any case (that’s why they are GOP), so might as well have them go thru an audit and feel a bit of what it’s like to have a hostile government prying into their affairs. The tax money you shake free will be a little payback to your community for the egregious  - Democrat Underground (cont)

Hey, Just TCOB

Carter Futures +200

Snapshot of National Pissatorium (PISS)



08/26/09 - 23.67

10/28/08 - 0.38
K = Thousands  M = Millions  B = Billions

Kennedy VAT #2 at The National Pissatorium is filled, and will be replaced by a third tank. Kennedy and Hillary Rodham Clinton are in a dead heat; both have elicited nearly 10,000 gallons of urine from donors wishing to piss on their graves, even if they themselves have passed. The National Pissatorium promises to be their proxy, for a small fee. -  REUTERS

I've seen this movie ...

Operation Himmler Redux

Busted!... Dem Headquarters Vandalized By SEIU Activist!!... Dems Planned to Blame GOP - GatewayPundit

It's really difficult to avoid looking at Obamanation trough the prism of 1930's Nazi Germany. 
The rise and fall of the Third Reich: a history of Nazi Germany -  William Shirer

Obama's stand-ins for the SS have so far included ACORN, and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).  The plan is classic Himmler.  Create an incident and blame it on anti-Obamacare activists.  But, and fortunately for us, independent and honest journalists, with no affiliation to the Democrat Media Complex, are free to do their stuff. In this case, The People's Press Collective
While Schwenkler does not appear in the state’s voter registration database, a person by that name in November 2008 received $500 from a political 527 committee called Colorado Citizens Coalition for “communications,” according to campaign finance disclosures.

The accountant for the 527 appears to be the same woman who handles the books for many other Democratic-leaning political committees.

A Maurice Schwenkler also signed an online 2005 petition to free anti-war Christian protestors who were captured in Iraq.
If you could travel back in time, what penalty would you impose on the SS Leaders?  What's different today?

I'm in a party mood