Monday, October 05, 2009

SNL takedown

Obama's Post Olympic Address



 I purchased this HP windows XP media center 2005 software to solve the problem I have with the 2002 software on my HP-874n machine. It no longer supports any software that requires Media Player 11, which is damned near everything.  It came today, and when I went to install it I got the message that "this software will not work in your machine. "  JFC. The software says it's for HP Computers, and I have an HP computer.  Anybody know a work around? 

Kung Foo Momma

Michelle Bachman- ACORN

So you thought ACORN was defunded?
Wrong, Obama breath

Quail Shoot

Hunting with Gramps

 Me and Gramps, having milked the cow, headed out to the woods behind the barn for our daily quick morning hunt before he went to work at the coal mine.  I knew when it was time to go back because, even before gramma rang the dinner bell, I could smell the eggs frying.  Isn't that odd?  Not the bacon, but the eggs.  I had the 12 ga. shotgun.  I was 9 or 10. 

As we navigated our way through (me) and over (him) the barbed wire fence,  a covey of quail took off.  If you've heard the sound, you know how startling it is. Still half under the barbed wire, I wheeled to take a shot at the birds and only Providence kept me from blowing grampa's head off.

While I'd been schooled by him about never pointing a gun at anything I didn't want to kill, there had been no elaboration on how accidents happen.  That was the  elaboration. He knew it, and never said a another word, and I've never ever forgotten it where guns are involved.  My mind winces every time I think about it.   Cool guy my Grampa. Wow, he is getting younger looking every day.

Gramps and Gramma (holding her first grandson) 

Where we were

Where we were four years ago today

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Today's idiot ... but there may be more.
Uber nincompoop Jeffery Feiger, erstwhile lawyer for Dr. Death (Jack Kevorkian), and one-time Michigan gubernatorial  candidate, just now dumped  these pearls on an unsuspecting  Fox & Friends audience.
  • "Contrary to popular belief, David Souter is not a liberal.  He's just makes up his own mind on issues ."
  • "You don't have to be judge to be named to the Supreme Court, but you do have to be a lawyer."
Feiger discussed an "ideologue's sphere of influence" on the SCOTUS, and identified said sphere as Justices Thomas, and Scalia, which accounts for Feiger's notion that Souter is a mainstream thinker.  On the second point, Feiger is plain ignorant. There is no such requirement. 

Rule by a madman

In passing
Stuff that gave me pause

The end of the Chicago handgun ban
We'll see.  But it's disturbing that the SCOTUS is even entertaining the notion that state law can abridge the Constitution.   I mean, WTF?

Can Guys Get Yeast Infections?
Years of developing a tolerance for cottage cheese went down the drain finding out, but yes.

The diminishing power of the other O
She's already off MoSup's TIVO

New Republic Editor-In-Chief: 'President Is Probably a Clinical Narcissist'
While the New York Times house "conservative," David Brooks, continues to shower love upon President Barack Obama, editor-in-chief Marty Peretz of the liberal New Republic has become highly critical of The One.

The Tough-Love Dictator of My Dreams
TIME magazine's Joel Stein bemoans that The Him doesn't understand he's a dictator.
Instead of ignoring people's objections until they get socialized medicine and realize they like it, as England's leaders did, Obama is worried about seducing Olympia Snowe so he can say his health bill is bipartisan.

State-Run Media Prepares Country For Obama's Potential Surrender in Afghanistan
What happens when an unhinged clinical narcissist steers the boat.

Consumer Reports Tosses Political Neutrality Away With Pro ObamaCare Ad
I haven't trusted CR since they downgraded lawnmowers that didn't stop if  the user put a running machine on his head.