Saturday, October 17, 2009

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Finis coronat opus.

 politicians, as you were

 Remember when Clinton said "You know, if I were a single man, I might ask that mummy out. That's a good-looking mummy?"  Keep that slime bag away from Catherine Laboure.  Sheesh.  Seriously, this deal has always blown my mind.apart. 
... — their existence baffles scientists. While the preserved remains of mummies are generally found in states of rigor mortis-like petrifaction, incorruptible corpses are pretty pliable. Their skin is supple, even years after their deaths. They appear, for all intents and purposes, to be sleeping or only recently dead. What’s more, these corpses don’t show signs of having been embalmed. And the local conditions don’t appear to have had a preservative effect on them. While they remained in a perfect state of composition, other corpses interred nearby were degenerating like normal [More pics and videos]

Because we still can

In your face Africa


If you didn't get anything ..
 it's because ur not me, the King of France!

I'm going to wear this everywhere, just to see that expession.  Like when people asked what Reagan-my-dog's name is. That look.

Hole in One
"Nothing to do with Ellen


Not quite a pillow fight, this.

 Taking On the 'Democrat-Media Complex'

 James Taranto's Interview With Andrew Breitbart: Taking On the 'Democrat-Media Complex  is a keen read.  Aside from learning where Breitbart: came from (all I knew was one day all of Drudge's linked stories seemed to go to his site), there's a delicious back-story on the masterful ACORN depantsing-by-video.  And here, I think, is a truth more damning than ACORN's criminality.  When aspiring film-maker James O'Keefe showed up with those ACORN videos, Breitbart knew instinctively that  "the mainstream media, given this information, would not cover it and would, in effect, attempt to cover it up"   The mainstream media is totally, utterly in the tank with kindred Democrats. 

This plan wasn't just a means to defend against the media's desire to attack the messenger," Mr. Breitbart says. "It was also a means to attack the media and to expose them . . . for the partisan hacks that they are. ... Every step of the way, we wanted to plant traps" for Acorn and its defenders,
Taranto, in closing, is compelled to gently upbraid Breitbart for going outside of strict (now utterly corrupt) journalism guidelines.
While Breitbart-style opinionated journalism can provide healthy competition, it cannot substitute for straight news.
I'll leave you to chew on that logic without further comment.  Hooray for Andrew Breitbart, and hooray for us.

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