Monday, October 26, 2009

Food Court of Despair

Is Crist Dead?

... the same political insiders who downplayed Rubio are starting to think the unthinkable: Crist's campaign might be threatened by another Republican.


Pass Public Option or the Donk Gets It!

 The fun bunch at are sick and tired of this s*it, and are going on a fast.
After months of debate, an overwhelming majority of Americans support a "robust public option" similar to Medicare.

And thanks to the heroic efforts of progressive activists, we have almost enough votes in the Senate and House to pass it.

The Democratic majorities in the Senate (60/40) and the House (258/177) are large enough to pass a "public option" even with no Republican support. But a handful of conservative "Democrats" are blocking the will of the Democratic majority.

These conservative "Democrats" refuse to listen to the Democratic voters who elected them. That means it's up to our Democratic leaders - Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and President Obama - to persuade them.

We will not accept a weak public option or worse, a "trigger." We want a robust public option (based on Medicare rates, not negotiated rates) that is nation-wide (with no state opt-outs), administered by Medicare (not a for-profit insurance company) and available immediately.

That is why we are joining together in a Democratic donor strike against the DNC, DSCC, and DCCC until the Democratic Congress passes - and President Obama signs - healthcare reform with a robust public option. Until then, we will only donate to individual Democrats who will truly fight for us.
Only someone who's spent too much time in  Marxist coffee houses would use hackneyed commie lingo like  "thanks to the heroic efforts of progressive activists ... ."  *snort*  Bob Fertik also betrays a surprising naivety about "conservative 'Democrats' [who] refuse to listen to the Democratic voters who elected them."   They were elected by Republicans, Bob, in historically Republican districts, after pretending to be more conservative than their opponents.   Obama, Pelosi and Reid are not too popular there anymore.   But, yeah, I think it's a wonderful idea to cut funding to the DNC, I only question your influence in the matter.  Soros put his money behind  

XP Update

 Final Report on stuff nobody cares about

 A few weeks ago I bored the hell out of you and me too with a week-long journal about wiping my disc and reinstalling XP.  I was then able, finally, to install Service Pack 3 which, for me, is a revelation.  Every single problem I've had since buying this machine disappeared.   My feeling now is that Windows XP is greatest OS invented by mankind. I have zero desire to own a MAC. I decided from the get-go to see if I couldn't keep my registry squeaky clean.  I know what you MACkers are yelling, but I don't care. I use CCleaner, which I think is the best such device out there, and every few days I run a registry scan, and fix (remove) widows, broken links, dangling participles, etc.  As of 10  minutes ago this is what I have.  There is nobody else in the world who has  registry this clean (and a system that still works), which is important to me.  I used to be the best smoker in the world, but since 1998 ,when I quit, I've not been the best at anything.  Now I am again.  USA-UAS-USA.  Isn't this sad?  But wait! I didn't mean it.  I'm the best at other things too, but don't want to brag. (This stream of consciousness blogging is tedious).

Moosh Squshed

This is what I'm talking about

 The 12 week marathon to choose the million dollar cutest dog finalists is ended. Here they are.  By my estimation 8 of the 12 are Al Frankens, elected by a commie underground having no regard for integrity and decency  Admit it, these are dogs only an owner could call cute.  We all know who should have been included, don't we?  If I had to vote for one of these mutts, it'd be second from the left, bottom row. But why vote?  I no longer have faith in the election process, so eat me dog food people sponsors.  I'm blaming you for Obama too.

Lots of crooked democrats

In Passing
 Stuff that made me want to see more
Mister Tough Guy
"So when Communications Commissar Mao Ze Dunn starts berating Fox News for not getting into the same Maosketeer costumes as the rest of the press corps ... "

POTUS responds to Iraq bombings  [that he helped cause]
The gloves come off -
"I strongly condemn these outrageous attacks on the Iraqi people"

Memo to Newt: Don't Bother Running in 2012

 Newt's a Medal of Honor recipient who went on to rob convenience stores, and mug old women.

What's spent on Vegas stays in Vegas
Rep. Shelley Berkley, D-Nev.spent $300,000 of your gas money to restore two signs from Las Vegas' Neon Museum.

'60 Minutes': - About Our Government's Ability to Manage a Medical Bureaucracy'
"We caution you that this story may raise your blood pressure, along with some troubling questions about our government's ability to manage a medical bureaucracy" [video]

The Countrywide Files -A revolt forces Ed Towns to subpoena the 'Friends of Angelo' documents.
Named for former Countrywide CEO Angelo Mozilo, the program provided VIP mortgages to "friends" including Senators Chris Dodd and Kent Conrad.

Conservatives Maintain Edge as Top Ideological Group
Compared with 2008, more Americans hate Obamunist guts


Orchids in the Cesspool
   Obama's Tank

 This orchid inexplicably thriving in the media cesspool is Calvinwoodwardcanus.  Like ABC's John Stossel,  the AP's  Calvin Woodward
An honest man
is able to survive in the acrid atmosphere of agitprop, fake news, and phony polls that characterize today's contrived media.  Remember the shock last April when we realized that this was written by an Associated Press reporter?

FACT CHECK: Obama disowns deficit he helped shape

Horry Clap!  And guess what?  Mr. Woodward was not fired and moved on to FOX.  He's still at AP

AP's Woodward Fact-Checks Health Insurance Company Profits, Finds Them 'Anemic'

In today's Fact Check ("Health insurer profits not so fat"), the AP writer ripped into what has seemingly been a mandatory talking point any time a Democrat brings up health care: the supposedly excessive profits of health insurance providers.

Woodward found that the Democrats' claim doesn't survive even cursory scrutiny:

There is hope, people.