Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Twins have fun you and I can't have

Obama Motors

The Law of Physics

 I have no way of knowing whether this is real, but it passes the sniff test.  Even if it's ginned up, the fact that it's out there means it satisfied the first rule of parody: ring a bell with the intended audience. 


Ed Begley - "warmer"

Ed Begley-"warmer"
".. even if we have to redefine what the peer-review literature is!"

 If Ed Begley Jr. was a "birther," he'd refuse to accept Obama's certified legitimate Hawaiian birth certificate (if he ever decides to present one) as proof of his U.S. birth.  Ed Begley has that proof, re the Global Warming Hoax,  and ... well, is the very definition of a True Believer.  I got a real kick out his claim that "peer review" will decide. 

Phil Jones, writes Pennsylvania State University's Michael E. Mann ...
"I can't see either of these [anti human caused G-W]  papers being in the next IPCC report ... Kevin and I will keep them out somehow--even if we have to redefine what the peer-review literature is!"


Remove the wart, don't hide it.

Political Suicide?

 sarabeth and I are in accord; the GOP's clumsy purity test is nincompoopery of the first rank.  But for different reasons.
It doesn’t seem to occur to them that lurching to the right will only cause disgruntled party members to peel away from the center. And drive a larger proportion of Independents to vote Democratic instead of Republican.

No, I see a knee jerk response by party leaders who don't understand what's happening.  This litmus test is cosmetic legerdemain.  If the warts weren't there, no makeup would be necessary, right?   And make no mistake, the party flourishes when conservatism prevails.

An Arlen Specter will affirm his belief on every point of any litmus test (of any party).  A Republican Party adhering to principles they claim to espouse would look at the record, retch, and support a Pat Toomey reflexively. They did not.  John McCain would never have been the Party's 2008 candidate, if its leaders weren't McCains themselves. Why hasn't this GOP made it clear that Mark Rubio, not Charlie Crist, is the man in Florida? 

Party chairman, Michael Steele is not  conservative, and views Sarah Palin as threat to be dealt with, not listened too.  The answer then is to move them out, and turn the reins over to conservatives who don't need a primer on conservative values.  They know, love, and live them.

Sorry About Tears

Media Moment

Natural Law

By gar, we liked it that way
Natural Law

No chimps allowed

the smell of Google in the morning

The Baltimore piss hole

Abortion Chic

Baltimore Council Requires Clinics to Advertise When They Don't Offer Abortions

BALTIMORE -- Baltimore's City Council has passed a bill requiring pregnancy centers that do not provide abortions or birth control referrals to post signs saying so.

The measure passed Monday night is thought to be the first of its kind in the country. The Montgomery County Council is considering similar legislation.

Council President Stephanie Rawlings-Blake introduced the legislation after meeting with abortion rights advocates, who say some clinics provide inaccurate information, such as claiming that abortions are connected to breast cancer and other problems.

Abortion opponents say the bill unfairly targets centers that provide good information and much-needed help for poor women.

Violators could face a $150 fine.
 Because, dagnabbit, her time is too precious to have to make a second trip.

Today's Barf-o-rama

In Passing
 Stuff to make your hair stand up

State Dinner Guest List Includes Only One Likely GOP Attendee - Indiana Sen. Dick Lugar
Sewing seeds of dissension, or telegraphing who Obamunists see as the weakest link in the health care debate? Either way it is another  calculated in-your-face move from a creep who once again bowed
a calculated stick-in-our-eyes?
to a foreign potentate. Victor Davis Hanson sums up these candid camera moments.

Inside the numbers: How Obama has fallen
Slow learners across the board [almost, ahem] are catching on.

How to stop Sarah Palin?
The answer may come from of all places, India

Ex-TV host Lou Dobbs considers run for N.J. Senate seat held by Robert Menendez

There's something About Mary
Something about Mary
Mary Katharine Ham takes issue with insinuating that Sen. Mary Landrieu is a slut whore. She also huffily refuses to provide a link to Huff-Post's "Megan Fox Wears Panties, Lifts Foot Above Head (Photos)"

Celebrity news of the day: Angelina Jolie thinks Obama’s a socialist phony
Showing the value of having a politically sophisticated father.  Ahem.

A hilariously bizarre situation is happening in the wake of the growing Climategate scandal.
Houston Chronicle editorial asserts "As a crucial climate change conference nears, more evidence of a warming globe."  Readers having none of it.