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Sanders Pulls Amendment to Halt Coburn’s Delay Tactic
December 16, 2009, 3:09 P.M.
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Wednesday afternoon withdrew his proposal to create a single-payer insurance system after Republicans compelled Senate clerks to spend hours reading his 767-page amendment to the health care bill as a way to slow down work on the legislation. Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) forced clerks to begin reading the amendment in the Republicans’ first attempt at stalling the health care bill.  
OKLAHOMA to the rescue again!

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 Celebrating the Can-Do American Ingenuity!

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.. are prolly the only people getting any sleep these days.

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Bah, humbug and labor statistics

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The financial crisis killed small entrepreneurs as surely as Joseph Stalin killed the kulaks, and the roots of the economy are dead and dry.  - Spengler

Did I say Global Warming?

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 Okay, these are amusing, unless maybe you're the amusement, but Google Street Scenes ought to leave me feeling highly unsettled.  The reason they don't is that I will, fortunately, be passing into the next plane of existence before the next obvious steps occur, and gummint usurps the technology. If I was younger, say 60 or so, I'd spend my days destroying traffic cams and any other techno threat to our freedoms.  Click here to see the back story on these and other great street scene moments.

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Wow - 1958 Disney Film
gets nearly all of them


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 We find ourselves on Obama's joyous precipice

Lieberman Assures Democrats He’s Likely to Support Health Bill
Sen. Joe Lieberman (ID-Conn.) privately assured President Barack Obama and members of the Senate Democratic Conference on Tuesday that he would likely support the chamber’s health care reform bill when it comes to a vote.

He said it ...
Obama said his congressional allies were "on the precipice" of a historic accomplishment that has eluded presidents and lawmakers for generations, adding the emerging bill includes "all the criteria that I laid out" in a speech to a joint session of Congress earlier in the year.

Of course, even without a new government-run insurance plan, the Reid bill is a policy monstrosity.
It’s filled to the brim with mandates, fines, and new federal controls which will erode the quality of American medicine and lead to government-driven rationing of care. It’s a governmental takeover by regulation and bureaucracy, not program enrollment.

Source: Dems Threaten Nelson In Pursuit of 60
Nelson's demand that taxpayer money not be used to fund abortion has still not been met.
As our source put it, this is a "naked effort by Rahm Emanuel and the White House to extort Nelson's vote." They are "threatening to close a base vital to national security for what?" asked the Senate staffer.

The New York Times Laments Media Bias - at the Wall Street Journal
I need to laugh a bit now.

Al Gore Reads Poem, Harry Smith Says 'Wow...I’m Happy to Hear it in Your Voice'
(Exclusive Green Room audio)

But, Wait!
Obama might not get health care overhaul for Christmas

Attorney General Holder restrains lawyers in Panther probe
The Justice Department has told the federal attorneys who filed a civil complaint against the New Black Panther Party for disrupting a Philadelphia polling place last year not to cooperate with an investigation of the incident by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.