Thursday, January 07, 2010

Indoor RC

RC Showtime
This comment speaks for me ...
That's phenomenal, but reversing and going up tail first, how can that be possible? Are we being treated to an Photo Shopped video? Still the control is amazing too. Loved it!

I bought one of those RC helicopters, and smashed it up on the first takeoff.

Three from Merrily

McCafferty Sams Democrats

If a Democrat loses CNN, there's nothing left

'cause i felt like it

Three laughs and a funeral

Cardiologist Funeral

A cardiologist died and was given an elaborate funeral. A huge heart covered in flowers loomed behind the casket during the service. Following the eulogy, the heart opened, and the casket rolled inside; the heart then closed, sealing the doctor in the beautiful heart forever.

 At that point, one of the mourners burst into laughter. When all eyes stared at him, he said, "I'm sorry, I was just thinking of my own funeral.........I'm a gynecologist."

The proctologist fainted.

Foreskins and other hidden stuff

Arrest that man!
Curmudgeonly & Skeptical

Please don't throw us in that briar patch

Laugh of the Day
Departures called 'profound loss' for Senate 'expertise'

 Bemoaned by sinecurists who think their own footprints will remain in the pail of water.

The Evil Empire

"Slow? Turn that mofo to boil!" - Obama

Curmudgeonly & Skeptical

 First, every year somebody writes the story about calling the IRS five times for clarification on something in the tax code, and receiving five disparate answers.

Second, I have a friend who, every year for the past fifteen,  used a computer tax program like Tax Cut (H&R Block).  In what seemed like a never ending assault, beginning in 2004, his returns were "audited" by the IRS, and he was socked in the neighborhood of $60,000 for unreported income, penalties and interest.  If you know his situation, you'd know how ridiculous that is.  He went to a professional tax payer after his wife heard about one at work.   Larry (the CPA's name) told him that the IRS loves the computer program  returns, because like a captured MiG  they've flown it, and know how to outmaneuver and kill it.  He paid him $550 for each disputed year's return.  In return, everything was dismissed.  Plus!  He received about $2500 in  overpayment!

 Here's why I'm telling you this.

The IRS wants to save you from your rogue tax accountant.

The nation's green eyeshades are now destined to come under the regulatory rule of the Internal Revenue Service as part of the Obama Administration's latest revenue grab.

Under the plan, which would begin with the 2011 tax season, anyone who takes money to help people with their taxes will have to register with the IRS, and eventually pass competency tests and sign up for continuing education. So having made tax filing so complicated that most Americans need help with their forms, Washington now wants to raise the price of such counsel by regulating advisers in a way that may reduce their supply.

Defending the decision, IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman declared that regulating tax preparers was reasonable because "In most states you need a license to cut someone's hair." Yes, the cosmetology guild does like to raise the barriers to entry for competitors.

Cheering the new regulations are big tax preparers like H&R Block, who are only too happy to see the feds swoop in to put their mom-and-pop seasonal competitors out of business.  [H&R Blockheads cont]

The Lying Thing

Curmudgeonly & Skeptical
Ain't that a pussy.

Green House Gas

In Passing

In Passing
Your morning Castor oil

Palin will headline first-ever Tea Party Convention
But with an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll ranking a generic "Tea Party" as more popular than either Democrats or Republicans, and Palin herself rivaling the charming Mr. Obama in poll popularity, many experts see the Tea Party event as a potential milestone for a mounting, even transformational, force in US politics.

Civil Rights Division Lawyers Slapped With Sanctions  
This week, a federal district court in Kansas imposed sanctions on the same Civil Rights Division (CRD) officials who spiked the Panthers case ... .

Cavuto sounds off on the senators who are voting with nothing to lose in re-election. 

The forgotten virtue of firearms
TV cameras miss how guns save lives

14 terror suspects mistakenly kill themselves
Bus they rigged with explosives blew up prematurely

Andrew Sullivan is "Sick" Of The Israelis and them other guys
"And if Rahm Emanuel is sick of them all, one can imagine how the average American feels."
Actually, if Rahm is sick of something, it's gotta be pretty good, Andy.

New York seeks $200 million yearly for September 11 trial
Say, I have an idea -  how does 25¢ sound?

Pentagon Reportedly Finds Large Increase in Number of Gitmo Recidivists
More than 100 former detainees may be back on the battlefield.

White House says any Gitmo recidivists were released by Bush
“We have been presented with no information that suggests that any of the detainees transferred by this administration have returned to the fight,” the official said. He added that the President — unlike his predecessor — had created the Guantanamo Review Task Force to evaluate precisely whether detainees would pose a threat if released.