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If Men Wrote Women’s Magazines

S'why I bookmarked this JJ piece


Praise for Scott Brown being reserved

By J.J. Jackson
web posted January 25, 2010

Scott BrownScott Brown's election to one of Massachusetts' Senate seats was a foregone conclusion to anyone watching the polls. Martha Coakley did not stand a chance on Election Day.  She was a dead woman walking for trying to sugar coat her support of unpopular policies.  No number of buses packed with ACORN bought voters or SEIU members could have saved her from her own incompetence.

But I am bothered.  In the wake of Mr. Brown's victory I see a lot of conservatives acting little better than giddy and foolish Democrats did upon the accession of Barack Obama to the left right hand of Nancy Pelosi Almighty.  Many of my fellow patriots on the right and correct side of the isle have a lot of good things to say about Scott Brown and his successful election bid for one of Massachusetts' Senate seats.  But at times they are downright deifying this man as the savior of our Republic.  While breaking the filibuster proof majority of the liberal Democrats in the Senate may be an important move, need I remind you that there is still Olympia Snowe lurking in the chamber's shadows for her shot at the limelight. And need I remind you that she can certainly not be trusted to form a coherent thought or support the concept of limited government? [continue]

That didn't take long

Best Ghost Pictures

Best Ghost Pictures Ever Taken

Boned Jello

More here.  Maybe not as good as this one, but still postitve proof that Obama is possible.

All Presidents were liars like Obama

How very predictable
Boned Jello
Found on TPM
When we had  a  debauched Democrat in the White House, the media responded to Clinton's sexcapades by making, mostly unfounded,  charges  that (in my best Dr.Nick voice) "Hey everybody! Everybody did it!

 Now Obama needs  help.

This is why I have the category, Filthy Democrats.

Union Teachers

Bar Talk
Deacon Blues     I found this quite incitful regarding the Teachers' Union.
George Parker, head of the Washington, D.C., teachers union, about the voucher program there, he said: "Parents are voting with their feet. ... As kids continue leaving the system, we will lose teachers. Our very survival depends on having kids in D.C. schools so we'll have teachers to represent."
Boned Jello

"They Were Afraid"

Gen. Boykin Pulls No Punches


Just Kidding

What's this doohickey?
 Barbie’s Next Career? Computer Engineer

Colin Powell Redux

Colin Powell’s Endorsement of
Obama Will Live… in Infamy

For more than a year after Barack Obama became president, there was no word from Colin Powell about a man he described as having “great insight into the challenges we’re facing of a military and political and economic nature.”  Today, Powell broke his silence.  Did he have the courage to admit his mistake, his blunder, his betrayal?

No.  Speaking on Face the Nation, Powell said he did not regret endorsing Obama, though the former Republican appointee could not bring himself to say much of anything positive about him.  He claimed, absurdly, that the nation is more financially secure since The One took office and that “slowly but surely we are starting to see the kind of improvements the American people wanted and voted for him for.”  Lackadaisical leadership, cronyism and corruption, massive unemployment, soaring deficits, weakness overseas – does General Powell really believe that these are the changes the American people wanted?

Let’s compare Powell’s analytical skills now with his purported sagacity during the campaign.  [See it here]
Here's what I think was behind it.  Powell's military success was largely due to his ability as an office politician.  He knew which horse to ride, and for how long.   I doubt that he had any further political ambitions when he endorsed Obama. Blacks who strayed too far from the Liberal cotton fields, as did Powell and Condi Rice by serving in the Bush Cabinet,  were scorned by the "official" Black community (media activists) as Uncle Toms.  I think Powell wanted that stain removed from his civilian uniform blouse, and this was a way to do it; and be on the right wagon at the same time.  FWIW.

Buy Buy American Pie


Pick one cookbook

Please answer:
If you could have only one cookbook,
which one would it be? Thanks!

I gave this careful consideration. My first thought was to go high fa-luting and say "Mastering the Art of French Cooking (2 Volume Set), "  except I don't own it, and never read it (which I'm sure is to my discredit as a world famous chef wannabe).  I went over to the cookbook shelf in the liberry, and perused what must be 100 titles that we've collected over the years.  From these, I selected two for consideration:
Better Home & Garden Cookbook
The Better Homes NEW COOKBOOK is the one MoSup brought into  marriage.  I had owned just one in my life to that point, The Drinking Man's Diet.  Not that I needed a diet.  My bachelor regimen consisted of working all day, drinking and carousing all night, doing the Watusi at J.O.P.A., or the Fort Story O Club, and occasionally sleeping. Keeps a man fit.

Anyway, The BH&G is an excellent cookbook, with recipes for damned near anything American.  Hell, even political progressives will be happy to find a Russian  Borsch recipe (p. 294). 

But, I didn't choose this as my one cookbook.
cookbiik- escoffier

I chose the The Escoffier Cook Book A guide to the Fine art of French Cuisine.  And not because I'm putting on airs.  This is the translation of Escoffier's original book, first published in 1903.  When I read Merrily's request, I immediately thought survival, else why would I have but one cookbook, n'est-ce pas? And that's where this book shines.  When Escoffier discusses fuel for the grill, he's not talking about propane. 

cookbiik- escoffier

The cook is advised when to move the pudding to the cooler coals.  There is not a single reference to Jello, condensed milk, or packaged anything.  With this cookbook, a nice Winchester Model 1886, and an iron skillet, you'll do nicely.  Well, your mileage may differ. If memory serves there's a colonist's cookbook out there, but I don't own it. 

Lottery sense

In Passing

 In Passing
Bad Eggs

EPA's attempted power grab
Since the climate legislation power grab stalled in Congress, the Environmental Protection Agency is trying to circumvent the legislative process and pass rules to regulate carbon dioxide under the Clean Air Act.

CPAC's Odd Ending
Ron Paul out-polled Sarah Palin almost 5 to 1 and keynoter Glenn Beck got huge ovations as he disavowed any conservative ascendency within the Republican Party.  Where is the momentum from the Marco Rubio speech and the Dick Cheney "Obama is a one term President" moment?

The Fat Lady Has Sung
Mr. Thomas L. Friedman discovers that Tracy CA. residents must pay for 911 calls because Obama is misunderstood, and the Republicans are as irresponsible as they've ever been, which is was, way - and won't sanction massive tax increases which, as everyone knows, is what pulls an economy out of recession.  You Bastids!
When the force of your personality fails to produce ...

Obama Giving Black Farmers $1.25B in Reparations
Well, so much for that issue.  Dictators make scrambling eggs look so easy.

Obama to Endorse Rules to Limit Health-Insurance Rate Increases
OMG! He has all the answers to everything now! 
Boned Jello
Former cold war agent gagged by the CIA
HE remembers the women sunbathing naked on the deck of a passing yacht. 
I don't have to tell you more. This link is going viral baby!