Sunday, February 28, 2010

Speaker Hanky - or Algore?

We're Having A Party!

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 Your mission, should you choose to participate, is determine by your ballot which outrageously putrid canker-blossom below will be the honoree at a very special celebration. at the Barn.
Nancy Pelosi Says She's Running Most Ethical Congress Ever! #2
Al Gore:

I, for one, genuinely wish that the climate crisis were an illusion. But unfortunately, the reality of the danger we are courting has not been changed by the discovery of at least two mistakes in the thousands of pages of careful scientific work over the last 22 years by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
The honoree at this festive event should be:
Al Gore
Nancy Pelosi
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 I have no idea why, and there is no reason for this Jarmels song to be rattling around my head for three days.  No way I could have heard it recently; it's just there.  So this is kind of a voodoo thing where I'm trying to get rid of it by giving it to you.  Sorry.

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Maryland was scheduled to play at Va Tech at 4:00 yesterday, and I was primed baby. P-R-I-M-E-D.  I hate VA Tech, because I view every team in the ACC as Maryland's foe, and ergo hate their yellow guts.   Then, guess what?   The hokiest dammed thing in hoops history. 

A beer truck hit a fire hydrant in front of the Cassell Coliseum, and water gushed forth, flooding the street.  Officials turned off the main campus valve so workers could get at the break, but the resulting pressure caused another ruptured pipe.  And then another.  An Itchy and Scratchy cartoon is playing in my head as I type this. The game was postponed, until - who knew?  Finally under way at 7PM.

Here's the lucky part.  Because it was being televised by local channels, and not ESPN, or Comcast, the station merely scrubbed the scheduled Family Guy re-runs, and broadcast the game. Woot-woo.  The announcers too, whoever they were, were notches better than what you find on the ESPNs, who obviously pay game announcers by the word.

 2 OT.  Vasquez 33 2nd half points, 41 total.  Terps win.   Wednesday night - Duke, for the ACC Championship! (Terps picked 8th in pre-season).   USA UAS USA.  Where is that beer truck this morning?  Mmmmm, Beer.

  I knew y'all would be interested in reading about Terp hoops. You'll prolly want to watch the replay (click replay) You're welcome.

Non self indulgent ASIDE:  This has happened before.  I mention our use of TiVo a lot, but in fact we scratched it in favor of Verizon's system.  As a rule I record things like yesterday's game,  in the event something happens, like a phone call, or unexpected company, the BATF, etc., interrupts my viewing pleasure.  Because yesterday's game was delayed, the recorder thought, when I pressed "record this," it meant a 30 minute Family Guy.  So it recorded 30 minutes, and stopped.  I hate when it does that. 
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Overtime games get the same treatment. 

Remember the VCR Plus+ code system (now evidently defunct)?  A unique number was assigned every show, and printed in the TV listings.  You plugged that number into the VCR, and when it was broadcast that  show was recorded until it was over.  They should implement that again, a simple algorithm is all that's required.


We've had Millennium Cable (now Comcast in this area), Direct TV, and now VerizonTV.  Verizon sucks by comparison, in just about every way possible.  It's menu system sucks (Direct TV's was the best).  The billing system sucks (you have to renegotiate your contracted price every year, or see your bill double without warning).  Program listings are outdated, or flat wrong.  Even the remote controls break, and when they do they charge for the replacements.   Suck Suck suck. Nice picture quality though.

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