Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dog Hood


Michael McGlone Performs

But i. can't. breathe.

Anti-Boxer Commercial

Best campaign video ever?

These are remarkable times that require new and remarkable leadership. Carly Fiorina released an outstanding video this weekend at the California Republican Party Convention in Santa Clara, California. - Gateway Pundit

"Oh, we'll get you."

Man Who Carried Gun In
Park Has Permit Revoked

His gun-carry permit was current and the gun was legal, but he pissed off the law.

Boned Jello

First, Nashville reporterette Heather Jensen penned this gem.
... he carried an AK-47-type pistol into Radnor Lake State Park.
It's hard to trust her to get the rest of it right,  but let's stipulate that Leonard Embody did twice (legally) carry arms in the state park.  There was prolly a little poking a stick in the park ranger's eye the second time, with predictable if not lawful results. Embody filed a federal lawsuit against the Radnor Lake State Park ranger.  [NOTE:  I wouldn't have done that.  I'd have gone back to that park a third time]  Friday, he received a certified letter from the Tennessee Department of Safety stating his gun carry permit was revoked.

"There was a material likelihood that I was a risk to the public," Embody said of the letter.

What a bunch of knob-munching canker blossoms. I suppose Embody might be one of them who just piss people off by showing up, like Keith Olbermann, or Barbara Boxer. Don't matter.  He broke no law. He says he "doesn't consider himself a gun rights activist but ...  strongly believes (Tennessee's) gun legislation is flawed, often outdated, vague or contradictory."   Is it? 
"The only way you can carry the handgun is to carry it openly in your hand," Embody said.
Whoa.  So that's two prollems that need fixing.  A vindictive, heavy handed state agency, and that.  Props to Leonard Embody.

Dr. Barry Utopia

Is Obama Dr. Utopia?
Watch this educational cartoon from the 1940s & decide for yourself!

From the freezer

Has anyone else noticed that the Coffee
Party USA's initials are CPUSA? Just sayin'

Organized Spontaneity
  Christopher Taylor via Gerard

Nuked Potato Chips

How To Make Micro Chips

Boned Jello

I was ready to try this just now, but do you think I can find my mandolin?  Hell no.  It's been "organized" someplace else.  Someone out there will have one, and maybe tell us how it works.  Sheesh.  Directions:

Leda & the Swans

But one day François said to himself,
"what the hell, it's art."
The swan's Ledas

Today's Hollywood Asshole

Matt Damon's Greatest Scenes


Christopher Walken does Lady Gaga

Force Fields

In Passing

In passing ..
It's Sunday; this is all the news.  Go back to bed.

1) Penn pal dictator Chavez proves 'gun control' fails at stopping crime
So—how has the plan worked out in the almost four years it's been in effect? From Reuters -- Homicides in Venezuela have quadrupled during President Hugo Chavez's 11 years in power,

2) Obama-backed website on government spending is found lacking - Ah, those seven year plans.
After reviewing 100 federal contracts, the GAO also found "widespread inconsistencies" in what appeared on the website and what was contained in records provided by the agencies. Auditors, for example, found discrepancies in where the work took place and the purpose of the contracts.

3) The Healthcare Bill Would Be Obama’s ‘Enabling Act’ Godwin prevails; "Hitler" not actual spoken.
Why are Barack Obama and other Democrat leaders so intent on passing a government takeover of healthcare now…Now…NOW?

4) The Sniper
"The difference between the good guys and the bad guys is whether they use human shields or make themselves human shields."

5) Wife of runaway slave launches 'tea party' group
The nonprofit run by Virginia Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, is likely to test notions of political impartiality for the court.

6) TIMES: Does Barack Obama give a damn about us?

Fuck no.

7) A POLITICO survey: The tea party's least favorite Republicans

If you have to read it, you're not

8) Coffee vs. Tea: A political movement is brewing
Pitiful.  Just pitiful -- if I didn't despise them so.  Laughable is better.
UPDATE - The smaller the table, the bigger the crowd

9) Walmart Greeter
Heart Warming must read