Friday, March 19, 2010

The "I" Word

The Tradition Continues

Boned Jello

Boned Jello

WOW! For the record, this is the first time the "I" word has been used  in the WSJ, as it pertains to anyone in the Clinton administration.

Posted by: Rodger Schultz (pecksnif@EROLS.COM)
     10/10/97 05:57:03 PDT

WOW! For the record, this is the first time the "I" word has been used in a general circulation daily newspaper, as it pertains to Obama.

The comments made on this Free Republic post in 1997 show that when it comes to democrats, nothing changes. For example:

To: (the other) Deb

     Deb, just tell Levin that the president is guilty of baldly violating
     the law of the land, and that the violations are too serious for him
     to comb over any longer.
     From: jsh555 ()
     10/10/97 08:41:43 PDT

Boned Jello

Arrogance +

Congressman: Constituent Calls Are ‘Harassment’

America's Finest

What tipedded you guys off?
Boned Jello
Tom Mann

So, who will care?

Stop the press
Whores caught Whoring
... leaked memo, allegedly from Congressional Democratic leadership to members, that seem to make it clear that the majority knows its health-care bill is not deficit neutral.

Boned Jello
We have increasingly noticed how right-wing fringe trying to pick apart the CEO score. We cannot emphasize enough: do not allow yourself (or your boss) to get into a discussion of the details of the CBO scores and textual narrative. Instead, focus only on the deficit reduction and number of Americans covered.  ....

I list these letters only to warn you of coming attscks from right-wing operatives and Republican sympathizers in the media. Those anti-reform extremists are making a last-ditch effort to derail reform. Do not give them ground by debating details. (For example, the March  11 letter has estimates of discretionary costs not accounted in the total)
This is maddening.   It's Madonna porking the entire First Marine Division.  Just another day at the office.  Move along, nothing to see here.

Burn Ward Coverage?

Obamacare Protest Sign o' the Day

Biden's Threat

Eggs Benedict Obama

Fried Eggs

Boned Jello

Q: Have you heard about McDonald's' new Obama Value Meal?
A: Order anything you like and the guy behind you has to pay for it.

Q: What does Barack Obama call lunch with a convicted felon?
A: A fund raiser.

Q: What's the difference between Obama's cabinet and a penitentiary?
A: One is filled with tax evaders, blackmailers and threats to society. The other is for housing prisoners.

Q: If Nancy Pelosi and Obama were on a boat in the middle of the ocean and it started to sink, who would be saved?
A: America !

Q: What's the difference between Obama and his dog, Bo?
A: Bo has papers.

Q: What was the most positive result of the "Cash for clunkers" program?
A: It took 95% of the Obama bumper stickers off the road.

Cuzzin Ricky

Davy Crockett - RIP

Not Yours To Give

The people have delegated to Congress, by the Constitution, the power to do certain things. To do these, it is authorized to collect and pay moneys, and for nothing else. Everything beyond this is usurpation, and a violation of the Constitution ... It is a precedent fraught with danger to the country, for when Congress once begins to stretch its power beyond the limits of the Constitution, there is no limit to it, and no security for the people.

Money with them is nothing but trash when it is to come out of the people. But it is the one great thing for which most of them are striving, and many of them sacrifice honor, integrity, and justice to obtain it.

Col David Crockett, US Rep Tenn, on Congress' spending habits.


Producers Gone Wild

The Joy of MSNBC

It must be fun working in the insane asylum called MSNBC.  Watch as an unnamed producer goes off on a foul-mouthed rant.  Prolly looking at the ratings.
H/T Ann Coulter


March Madness On Demand
You're Welcome

Bacon Fat Caramel ... MMMMM


Boned Jello

Bacon Caramel Corn

It starts with the best and healthiest of intentions. When I saw that Boston Organics was offering organic popcorn as an add-on, I thought, “Ooh! I love popcorn; I should order some!” And then once I received it, I thought, I could use my air popper (thanks, Susan, I’m still using it after all these years!) to pop this. But then the evil food fairy that sits on my left shoulder said, “Yes, you could, but what’s the unhealthiest thing you could do with this?”

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you bacon caramel corn.

Go read the whole thing, and get the Recipe!

Oh, while you’re over there… be sure to also check out her Bacon Fat Caramels!

Disney Flop

Super Hero with Circumcised Penis?

Boned Jello

But, I have plans in Indonesia ..

Caption Michelle

redundant acronym syndrome syndrome


Corgi Car

Today's Roll & Click

Exposed & filleted Obamacare

Best Ever
For those who don't read Ann Coulter, because you don't like Ann Coulter, read MY HEALTH CARE PLAN by Milton Friedman

Russian communal apartment

Galoshes & no-thumb wool mittens

NCAA Tourney Day 1

the best first day of hoops ever!
I watched every game CBS televised, and was mesmerized throughout. Some of the worst (uneven) officiating too. Best result: #3 seed Georgetown losing to #14 Ohio.  Most exciting, and possibly best drilled team: St.Mary's (Robert Morris too) Based on what I saw yesterday, St. Mary's is my dark horse. (live score board below)

Pelosi invades Russia

Dems giddy, GOP USA glum as vote looms

Boned Jello

On Thursday, Capitol Hill Democrats smiled. A lot. They walked with a spring in their step, some whistling a jaunty tune. Only Sen. John Kerry wore a long face, and yet even he was happy.

Boned Jello

Only John Kerry wore a long face. That has to be the best story lede in  WaTimes history!  But, why are Democrats smiling over having to twist senate and house rules, not to mention the U.S. Constitution, into an unrecognizable monstrosity, in order to impose upon us legislation we hate?  I suppose Hitler's inner circle also had a "spring in their steps" as they invaded Russia. []