Saturday, April 03, 2010

The DNC had ordered another incident


today's real BFD

Boned Jello

He's a Jerk!

In Passing

In Passing
I found 4 things you did not know

1) Sarah Palin’s Fox News Special Garners Unspectacular Ratings
It did do 28% better in total viewers than the last FNC original special (November 2009). It did do  better in total viewers (2,000,000+) than a MSNBC has in a week, or thereabouts.

2) Today's "Serial killer wins appeal; executed by firing squad over noose"
David Shuster may be on his way to CNN, and the cable network may be realizing that it needs the likes of David Shuster -- a hyper-partisan liberal -- if it wants to compete with MSNBC.