Monday, May 10, 2010


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Another reason to want to
piss on Bill Clinton's grave

when the opportunity comes.

RE:Thinning the herd, and one turd

Mad Dog Pachy

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Can Brigham Young's Great Great Gay Progressive Granddaughter Oust a Blue Dog and Win a House Seat In Utah?
The prose is priceless; the content not so much.

Bill Maher Slams Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney, George Will Over BP Oil Spill, Climate Change Denialism
...  just a week after being owned by Will.   What a guy.  Climate Change Denialism?  Egad.

Will Meg Whitman be the first candidate to be defeated because of her opposition to the Arizona immigration law?

Coulter Snarks Kagin

Ruth Bader Ginsbug Will No Longer Be Known as The Pretty One
Quotations from Chairman Ann

Eating Pelosi's Lunch

Today's Luncheon Delight

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In W.Va., Pelosi is target for Democrat

Anti-incumbent sentiment bodes ill for House speaker

Yikes on Bikes

Obama's "YIKES ON BIKES" Court
Elena Kagan chosen by Obama for Supreme Court

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Shucks, given the current Obama Administration's "anything goes" zeitgeist, I was hoping for Princess Eugenie

Border Stink

Stinko de Mayo

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This WaTimes editorial from last week makes valid points, the "Stinko de Mayo" part included.  It will hard to believe that anyone can/will take issue with the points made, but of course some will.  They are the el problemo stinko.
On May 5, five students at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, Calif., were sent home for wearing clothing featuring the American flag. Their offense: trespassing on Mexican heritage during Cinco de Mayo. Administrators called the flag-wearing "incendiary" and likely to cause violence. The school district overrode the decision, and the boys were allowed to return to school. In response yesterday, about 200 students staged a walkout carrying Mexican flags. The question is: Who taught these kids to hate America so much?

There should be nothing disrespectful about the U.S. flag to Americans of Mexican descent or to any other immigrant group. Teaching children that their heritage is at odds with their citizenship promotes disunity and divisiveness. While the high school's administrators may have been responding to a real public-safety threat, that threat was the product of their failure to instill a sense of national pride in their students.

Identity politics has become such a staple of public life and education in recent decades that incidents like this illustrate the poisonous effects it has on the nation. In the past, immigrant groups would attempt to outdo each other in demonstrating their patriotic attachment to the country that gave them safety, opportunity and freedom. Today, immigrant activist groups think patriotism is at best an inconvenience, at worst a sellout. They have replaced the melting pot with hardening battle lines in a struggle for power. [Corre hacia el resto]

Real Boob

Today's Political News
What the hell, it's all so predictable.  We're at about the  February 27th mark; let's keep abreast of other suff for awhile.

I have absoulutely no idea who Heidi Montag is, but tthe Mexiantown bridge story (below) set my mood. That would be, slumming with stuff I can slap my knee to. 
In search of 65Zs

It’s hard to say what Heidi Montag is more addicted to, fame or plastic surgery, but according to a new report she plans on scratching both those itches simultaneously soon. Heidi’s husband Spencer Pratt who mainlines fame like a drug, tells Life & Style Heidi wants to increase the size of her already huge breast implants from 700 cc’s to 800 cc’s. With her breasts now a size “E” or “F” and legally cannot undergo any more surgery, Heidi’s looking to have the surgery done in Europe, not by an American-board-certified doctor!
“She wants to do it within the next two months and film it for the new TV show she and Spencer have been pitching to cable networks E! and Oxygen,” an insider tells Life & Style.
Spencer insists he’s already doing everything he can to keep her away from her plastic surgeon — and it’s no easy task. [as far as I got]

Reminds me of a joke ...

Mexicantown bridge

This is why we can't have nice things
$5M pedestrian link in Mexicantown open for less than one day

Boned Jello
Oneita Jackson scribbles "For a good time, call ...?"

Can scarce breathe here boss.  I don't know what "Mexicantown" is, but I'm seeing an urban hole-in-the-wall style hideout, where Detroit outlaws laze about, shooting heroin amidst stashes stolen toaster ovens and plasma televisions. This story is just so Hollywood perfect for Detroit, a poster city for failed, institutionalized, Democrat Party rule.  Chechnya in America.Giddy-up.

Less than a day after it opened, the Mexicantown Bagley Avenue Pedestrian Bridge was vandalized, Michigan Department of Transportation  officials said.

Numerous individuals have "tagged" the $5 million bridge with spray paint and used knives to carve into a wooden bench in the middle of the span. Others signed their names with pens and magic markers on the bench, officials said.

In fact, an MDOT employee's video camera caught one woman as she used a colored pen to scrawl on a bench in the middle of the 400-foot-long bridge.

"Yes, it was me," said Oneita Jackson, a copy editor at the Detroit Free Press and author of Sunday's "O Street" blog.

"I did it. If you see a person with a green pen ... dressed in black slacks and a red top, that's me. I was excited about the event and wanted to put my name on it." [Story with film at 11]