Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chinese commie bastids

Big Whoop

One of the things that annoys the hell out of me recently is the "China discovered America first" storyline.  It's all the  rage on the various Hitler channels.  Fits in with the Great We're So Sorry apology  theme Obama ushered in.   Big freaking deal if they did. What effect did their discovery have on the world?  Zip. On history?  Nada. On anything? Bupkes. The Chinamen, if they indeed made the discovery,  squandered the opportunity.  Europeans did not a few decades later. They won; China lost, and wound up giving westerners all their stuff for opium.  Oh, you so velly smot!

I always find myself wanting to demonstrate the concept with a personal example. You know, something I discovered but didn't act on.  But nothing ever comes to mind in those few critical seconds before I lose interest.   Now, thanks to Tim W, I have just the thing for the next time it happens.  This was my brainstorm three years ago, and now someone stole it. Yes, I think the bastid should acknowledge my ground breaking thought bubble, that eventually fell on his head, but he won't.  My own damned fault too. And I'm being a mentsh for admitting it.  

Gaming Alzheimers

Ask to see Calderon's green card

*puts me in mind of what folks say
about Satan’s greatest accomplishment:

convincing folks he doesn’t exist…

Kagan Hearing Hurry


Boned Jello

I see  Leaky Leahy has moved the Kagan confirmation hearings to begin  next month.  Hmmm.  Despite the cheerful tone of this article,  the hearings  could become very contentious.  Every day is bringing new, damaging information about this Noam Chomsky with a brassiere.  If she is forced to bow out, Obama needs time to get a stand-by in place before the Senate falls into the hands of Republicans, which new members will not be all Orrin-Hatchy.  Just my guess about why they're pushing so hard.  Or a hope?

Civil War

Cult Film
I'm a cultist
A comment by Casca makes me once again recommend to you The Second Civil War.  The HBO film won an Emmy, but was scarcely promoted during its brief run on that network.  Here are the only two trailers I can find, but they ought to tweak your interest.  I was hoping it was a "Watch Instantly" selection on NetFlix, but no.  It was made as a comedy, a very dark comedy, but comedy nevertheless.  Today it's very close to being a documentary you'd watch on Frontline. (The volume on the second video is much louder than the first)

Messicans getting smarter


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I saw something similar but didn't save it.  Stuck in my head, and made me laugh. PS worthy.

Phoney War Heros

Catch of the day ...

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Doug Ross asks Did Dick Blumenthal 'Apologize' While Accompanied by Another Phony?   If he's right, then one of the "veterans" who showed up to  support Blumenthal, as he apologized for falsely claiming he was a Vietnam vet, is William Trumpower.  "Like Blumenthal [he's]  a Connecticut resident who has made quite a name for himself hawking books on the Vietnam experience" --- he never had!  Good lord!  Are all democrats members of the Tom Harkin brigade?

Power Play

Dear Antonio

Boned Jello

TO: Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
FROM: Arizona Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce

Dear Tony:

I heard your message about boycotting Arizona business because we're enforcing federal immigration law (what's up with that?); now hear mine.

Arizona provides approximately 25% of Los Angeles's electricity.  Comprender?


PS - Spanish translation below in case you No hablo Inglés

Querido Tony:

Escuché su mensaje sobre el boicot de negocios de Arizona debido a que están haciendo cumplir leyes federales de inmigración (¿qué pasa con eso?), Ahora escucha la mía.

Arizona proporciona aproximadamente el 25% de la electricidad de Los Angeles. Comprender?

Saludos (I am not making this up)

GM parody ad

Your Morning Snort

Dale Peterson

This, boys and girls,
is how to campaign