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Tale of the Tape

Senate Leaders Strike Deal on ‘Doc Fix’
June 18, 2010, 2:06 P.M.
Senate Democrats got one major political headache off their plate Friday, by striking a deal with Vichy Republicans to delay a scheduled pay cut for Medicare doctors.  

same threat; same answer prolly

How do you solve a problem like Sharia?

alternatively:How do you solve a problem like Obama?

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Who Der?

פיתוח ישראלי חדשני פורץ דלתות

(Knock Knock)

SR-71 Operations Manual

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I didn't know that

John Paul II's 1979 'Novena'

VATICAN CITY — Nine Days That Changed the World, a new movie produced by recent Catholic convert Newt Gingrich and his wife, Callista, is a compelling biopic of Pope John Paul II, powerfully showing the importance and relevance of the Catholic faith to freedom and democracy.

Alternative Alshmertative

The Myth of Alternative Power
and Hydroelectric Storage

Every time I get into a debate about “alternative” energy I point out it can’t be used for baseline power because it can’t provide reliable power, and it can’t provide reliable power because you can’t store the electricity that it episodically generates.

Immediately, someone will say, “We can use hydraulic storage!”

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Hydraulic storage is basically a hydroelectric dam on a small or large scale, except instead of using water brought by a watershed, the water is pumped up behind the dam with pumps powered by the generator whose energy output you want to store. For example, you would have electric pumps powered by solar panels or wind turbines, the idea being that when the wind or cloud-free days produced a surplus of power (or you built in surplus capacity) the pumps would pump water from a lower reservoir uphill into a higher storage reservoir. The electricity would be stored as the potential energy in the elevated water. When you needed the power back, you would drain the water back downhill through turbines just like a hydroelectric damn.

Now, this certainly works and it has been done on a small scale. However, it will never, ever be a real-world, large-scale solution that can make alternative power work.

Why? Well, let’s just do some back-of-the-envelope calculations.[Chicago Boyz Shannon Love continued]

GOP surrender monkeys

Shakedown Gummint

I can't do much Interwebbing at work, but I just wondered...when will the public be given access to the lawmakers to grill them in the ridiculous and rude manner in which they are treating BP? I mean, yes, we do need answers. But it's being done in a very hostile environment. I realize that this plays right along with Obama's plan to destroy America. But, oh man, wouldn't it be a blast to be able to hound and badger them on Fox? Weeeee

(Of course, I didn't say any of this. My job and all...)

Boned Jello

The author, (the comely "M") of that e-mail sent me into this funk.

I was sorry to see how House Republicans treated Texas Rep. Joe Barton for accurately describing Obama's treatment of BP as a "shakedown" (Rep. Barton Came "Within a Centimeter" of Losing His Position Over "Shakedown" Comment).  Sorry, because Barton was 100% spot-on, and being forthright.  John Boehner and ilk displayed the same sort of misplaced "gentility" (cowardice) that sent them packing in 2006.  If Republicans manage to take back both houses of congress in November, I have ZERO expectation they'll use it to roll back a single Obamanation.  I hope I'm wrong, but it's their history to fold early and often. 

Sarah Slams Stinkpot

Governor Palin responds to Capt. Zero

This is just maddening.  While we've withdrawn entirely from drilling in the gulf, The Chinese Commies, Valenzuela, Mexico, and all of Castro's friends continue to drill there.  I'm going to draft a letter to my congressman, suggesting articles for impeachment.  Chip in with suggestions (and citation links).  This is a bullets or ballots issue (meant in the good way).

Comrade Friedman

Tom Friedman & Slave Labor

The factory is so large that a consultant who showed up at the wrong entrance to the factory was told to get back in his car and drive to the next entrance. That trip took a half an hour.

Roll Over Picture for apology if you're offended by my racial stereotyping.

The factory that employs 300,000+ workers who endlessly pump out iPods, iPads and iPhones under extremely poor conditions; and Tom Friedman lauding the Red China government, endlessly prattling on about pristine airports and train stations as if he got the VIP tour from a Communist Party drone. Which he probably did.

E-mailed Youth

My Youth in one E-Mail

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Who else had a ping pong ball gun?

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