Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Love Fades


Boned Jello

Last night I was sitting on the sofa watching TV when I heard my wife's lovely voice from the kitchen.

 "What would you like for dinner my Love. . . Chicken, beef or lamb?"
 I said, "Thank you sweetheart, I'll have chicken."   
 She replied "You're having soup, asshole.  I was talking to the cat."


Magic Spectacle

Bye bye bifocals, hello electronic spectacles

Traditional bifocals could become a thing of the past with the invention of electronic glasses that automatically adjust to let their wearer view objects at different distances.

Who knows what I'm doing here?

The spectacles, which are due to be launched in the US this year and the UK next year, use lenses that change their strength when a small electrical current passes through them.

A layer of liquid crystal sandwiched inside each lens alters its refractive properties according to the current applied, adapting the focal length according to where the wearer is looking.

This erstwhile optician is agog!

Moon Landing

MSNBC wants to know ...

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Burn baby, burn

This just says it all - cuzzin ricky

Boned Jello

The left have gone bonkers (again) over Texas schoolbook changes that, among other things "cast the United Nations in a critical light."  The reason for their angst is because Texas buys so many textbooks that other localities wind up using the same editions. Egad! This from people who see no problem with textbooks written by Howard Zinn, and ilk. Now to the point.

California's size, and political clout on everything from global warming, emissions, and unfit congress critters,  means  everything they do has impact on the rest of us.  The state has become a laboratory for socialism run by the political equivalents of  Dr. Josef Mengele.  Which is why I, an Easterner, spend so much time with, and have such shadenfreudal delight over their failures. As cuzzin Ricky said ...

Heres a depressing but documented comparison of California taxes and economic climate with the rest of the states.  The news is breaking bad, and getting worse (I keep updating this fact sheet):

California has the 3rd worst state income tax in the nation.  9.55% tax bracket starts at $46,349 for people filing as individuals.   10.55% at $1,000,000 

By far the highest state sales tax rate in the nation.  8.25%.  7% is next highest (does not include local sales taxes)  Table #15

 California corporate income tax rate (8.84%) is the highest west of the Mississippi (our economic competitors) except for Alaska.       Table #8   -- we are 9th highest nationwide.

I Scream

Today's Poll

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Does anyone want me to have this Cuisinart Supreme Commercial Quality Ice Cream Maker?

Boned Jello
Yes Rodge you and MoSup deserve to live longer by eating ice cream made from natural ingredients, and not that store bought glutenous crap.

Go fhuck yourself!

Kagan the Horrible

Kagan Brain Burst

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Elena Kagen, WTF?  Her record is one of someone entirely contemptuous of constitutional law, and she's an obfuscating   liar.  I knew that.  By the bye this morning, I came across this post on the Moral Theory blog.  It goes to  dishonesty used by the Obama regime to block the 9/11 families' lawsuit against Saudi funding of al Qaeda. As Obama's solicitor General, it was Kagen who carried the spears.

As Obama's solicitor general, Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan urged the Court to dismiss the suit that our 9/11 families have been pressing against the Saudi government and several Saudi princes for their extensive funding of al Qaeda. The families sued under the domestic tort exception to sovereign immunity, which according to Kagan's Supreme Court brief (at p. 14):

    requires not merely that the foreign state’s extraterritorial conduct have some causal connection to tortious injury in the United States, but that “the tortious act or omission of that foreign state or of any official or employee” be committed within the United States. 28 U.S.C. 1605(a)(5).

The "tortious act or omission" is the wrongful act (the tort) that leads to the injury. Thus she is claiming that for Saudi funding of al Qaeda to be actionable, the funding itself has to have been transacted within the United States. Compare this with the actual wording of 28 U.S.C. 1605(a)(5):

    (a) A foreign state shall not be immune from the jurisdiction of courts of the United States or of the States in any case – ... (5) ... in which money damages are sought against a foreign state for personal injury or death, or damage to or loss of property, occurring in the United States and caused by the tortious act or omission of that foreign state or of any official or employee of that foreign state while acting within the scope of his office or employment..."
With no dearth of activist leftist judges sitting on lower courts, why Kagan for the SCOTUS? Sure, she has no judicial decisions to pick apart, but her voluminous writings (like her senior thesis)  and prior actions impeach her candidacy, or ought to.  Then, a light bulb moment. 
  • Kagan's  involvement  in defending Clinton in the Paula Jones lawsuit. 
  • Kagan, Solicitor General.  Obama's effort (over one million dollars spent) to squash numerous birth certificate  lawsuits. 
I believe her nomination by Obama is payback for personal services rendered. If confirmed, Justice Kagan would more or less become Obama's Roland Freisler on the highest court in the land. I wonder how she feels about hanging people with piano wire?