Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Mishief Month

Be Wary of E-Mail Spoofs: Hoax Statements Expand to Include Reid
July 7, 2010, 6:24 P.M.
The e-mails started flowing into media outlets’ inboxes over the weekend: First one Senator had died, then another, then another. It seemed outlandish. Sen. Robert Byrd had just died June 28. Could it be that the West Virginia Democrat’s colleagues followed him so quickly?   Full Story
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Democrats Squelched

Too,too yummy

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I ran across this story (via Free Republic) that is decadently delicious.  I seems that after Sarah Palin accepted the VP slot on the McCain ticket, the campaign, knowing how democrats operate, established a completely transparent legal defense fund to pay legal fees resulting from anticipated allegations related to her service as governor.

On cue, within minutes of the announcement of Governor Patin's trust, a complaint was filed. And, the first "independent counsel" selected to investigate the trust was the Alaska office of Perkins Coie (President Barack Obama's law firm). .

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Here's the fun part.  Since everybody knows how Democrats operate,  --->
"the language of the proposed trust fund was drafted to directly mirror the language and provisions used by the John Kerry Trust fund." .

Indeed, former Democratic Presidential nominee Senator Kerry's trust was drafted by the same Perkins Coie, President Barack Obama's law firm.

Apparently before realizing that Governor Palin's trust was nearly identical to the trust Perkins Coie prepared for John Kerry, the Perkins Coie "independent counsel" found in a detailed nine page “CONFIDENTIAL” letter -- that was promptly leaked to the media — that Gov. Palin's trust was illegal.

Ridicule ensued. In addition, once the conflict of interest between representing President Obama and investigating Gov. Sarah Palin became public, the Perkins Coie "independent counsel" resigned. And so, a new second "independent counsel" (with no background or expertise in the area of legal expense funds) began the investigation anew.

Read the outcome here. Had you heard this before?  Not me.

Tech Question

Flat Out
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Is there a prollen with laying a desktop on it's side?   It will solve a lot of prollems for me.

So did the maid, and the ... .

The Butler Did It

Apple cores

30 years of Apple

I still have my Apple II with Duo Disk. 

BIG SIS, call your office

Netanyahu’s bodyguard guns disappear.
Welcome to the USA!

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    Not even officers from Israeli security service Shin Bet can escape the scourge of lost [and stolen] luggage it seems.

    A bag belonging to agents travelling with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was mistakenly put on a flight from New York to Los Angeles, not to Washington. Alarmingly the bag contained four 9mm Glock handguns, which are now missing…

    The Israeli officers were accompanying Mr Netanyahu to Washington for White House talks with President Barack Obama.

    NBC News reported that the handguns had, in accordance with security procedures at New York’s John F Kennedy airport, been placed inside checked luggage. The luggage was then supposed to be put on a connecting flight to Washington however, American Airlines workers at the airport instead sent it right across the country to LAX in Los Angeles.

    By the time the luggage was located and recovered, the guns had disappeared, and are presumed to have been stolen. [Dvorak]
I don't know where to begin ...


We have here a 3 in 1 post. 
  1. interesting premise;
  2. an ad homonym "birther" dis,
  3. circular password idiocy. 

I read John Podhoretz's  Patriotic opposition Loving a nation that elected O  last week. 

  How are those of us who stand in opposition to the domestic agenda and foreign-policy views of President Obama and his administration to think about this country in 2010 as we approach the nation's birthday on Sunday?

Or, to put it another way: How should a self-described patriot think, act and talk about the United States if that self-described patriot believes the elected leadership of the United States has led the country into a ditch that threatens to expand into a bottomless chasm?

Does the fault lie with the president and his party, or does it reside in the electorate that installed them? If it resides in the electorate, what does that say about the condition of the United States?

In the case of Barack Obama, the root questions are: Who is he and why is he doing this?

Here's where I got sidetracked.

Opponents answer the question in many ways, from the clear-cut (he's a Chicago Democrat) to the more suggestive (he's a 1970s-era campus leftist) to the silly (he wasn't born in America) to the sinister (he's a secret Muslim or Communist).

In the comments, I wanted to ask Mr.  Podhoretz (whom I hold in high regard);  "John, which documents proffered  by Obama did you find most convincing inre his Hawaiian birth?"  

Of course I had to sign in, which I did using my New York Post password - that did not work. 
Okay, lets try "I forgot my password."  
Nope.  "We have no record of anyone using that e-mail address."
Okay, I'll  register for a new password.
 "That e-mail address is already in use."

Sigh.  Maybe Podhoretz reads this blog and will answer? 


Patrick Henry's Other Speech
Sir, this pudding is the the dog's bollocks!  Reminds me of a ..
No these here ones.
It is on a supposition that your American governors shall be honest,    that all the good qualities of this government are founded; but its defective ...

Aw, knots!

Knots to You
Lost knowledge: ropes and knots

I took a piece of plywood and painted it black. Then, using my Boy Scout handbook as a guide, tied clothesline (remember that?) into several examples, which were then nailed to the board.  My mom said it was just wonderful.  Alas, that Boy Scout project didn't win squat in the contest; so much for stupid knots. 

It wasn't until I took up sailing in the '80's that actually knowing how to tie knots, and quickly, became a necessary art form; I become a practitioner, and then expert knotster.  There is something deeply satisfying in knowing how to tie the right knot, at the right time.  It also seems to summon forth from women some ancient  racial memory of being in in the company of a manly man.  Makes them shudder amidships. 

Here's everything you'll ever need to know about knots. I have no more use for them.  Sigh.
Well, maybe  this one .


In Passing
Aside from all this, Obama's been great

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Cover Story - Markets Repeating Head and Shoulders Pattern of Great Depression (ACE)

Wall Street Apocalypse: The World of the Doomsday Investors

In the last few years, however, something strange has happened. While there is no lack of survivalists stockpiling cat food and rifles, some of the direst thinkers are now working on Wall Street, where a combination of fear and foresight has many of the country's money men contemplating their escape routes.

Retail Stores Closing Doors
Announcements continue to roll in from retailers that have decided to close stores, slow expansion plans or cease operations altogether.

Social Security on the chopping block

Quietly in June, the third rail of politics had the juice knocked out of it. Both the majority and the minority leaders of the House of Representatives either said aloud or hinted strongly that the retirement age under Social Security should be raised.

Are Overdue Reports Concealing ObamaCare Impact On Medicare?
Every year, the Annual Report of the Social Security Board of Trustees comes out between mid-April and mid-May.  Now it's July, and there's no sign of this year's report.  What is the Obama administration hiding?

Who needs Evin Rude?

Chokin' on my Johnson

Tom Mann

Holding down health care costs

Please don't throw me in dat briar patch

2012 and the GOP's Palin trap

eye on the prize
Reagan-Obama, same thing?

Thank goodness for Lib rags like Salon, which have been advising the GOP about who not to run since, what? 1980?  News editor Steve Kornack here warns about  2012 and the GOP's Palin trap, just in case foolish Republican primary voters are feeling suicidal. 

[A] ticket headed by Palin would be hard-pressed to break 40%. Palin as the nominee would probably make 2012 the most lopsided election victory for the incumbent President since 1984.

That would be Mondale v. Reagan. 

The relevance to Palin is obvious: Like Mondale in '84, she would represent to the general election audience of 2012 just about everything they'd rejected in 2008 (and 2006). In nominating her, Republicans would be saying to the country, "We have learned nothing these last four years. We have changed nothing."

* Smacks head* Oh, that relevance!

1984  Having endured four years of Carter malaise,  the nation is filled with new vigor and renewed national pride after Ronald Reagan's first term.  Nobody is sorry they voted for him, and are certainly not about to bring in a Carter-clone replacement (which is why Mondale is thrown to the dogs by the DNC to begin with) .

2012  The parallels are -- huh?   It would be a fatal mistake? ...  to remind voters -- of the bullet they dodged by  rejecting Palin-McCain for this heaping pile of Obama stink?  Nice try Steve.