Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Steve Wynn discusses our filthy gummint

Steve Wynn 1 - Obamunists 0

While I sort of like Steve Wynn's paraphrase of  this quote  (attributed to Alexis de Tocqueville; 1805 – 1859), the Toque prolly didn't say it in 1909.  In terms of substance  however, a solid 10!  It's time major business figures in this country began calling a spade a spade.  Clap Clap Clap.

Great commercials

Muslim Culture Meets German Engineering

This is great. I would buy a Volkswagen just to support the company who has the wit and valor to produce this commercial….

Muslim Culture Meets German Engineering Solid German cars!!

This is an actual German TV commercial. Can you imagine this on American TV!!

Cuzzin Ricky's friend Cliff

Where's Clark when we need him?

Lois - There's a story here.

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No butt cracks please

No Butts!  I'm gonna cut you bad
Finger in Butt Crack Sparks Knife Fight

A Dallas woman touched her friend's buttocks, sparking an assault and attempted stabbing, police said. ...

According to a police report, the unnamed suspect rubbed a finger along the victim's butt crack, prompting her to clench her buttocks. The victim claimed the clenching caused the bed she was sitting on to break, angering the suspect.
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From behind the lines

We’re Going To Make You Smile,
But Then You’ll Want To Kick A Prog Into A Coma

Sex Tape

Today's Sex Tape
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Who's losing?



Tom Tancredo, a principled man.

principled - based on or manifesting objectively defined standards of rightness or morality; "principled pragmatism and unprincipled expediency"; "a principled person"
That definition of principled was, I thought, necessary before I spoke of Tom Tancredo as a principled man. 

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Tom Tancredo- Principled Man

Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, indeed all professional Democrats are highly principled people.  Based on their life code anyway; - in politics, whatever it takes to achieve statist government ascendancy, to include lies, voter fraud, mayhem, criminal violation of the law, thuggery, anything! - is not just condoned, but expected.   Elected Democrats are the "made men" of politics.  For the rest of us, traditional standards apply. 

Last week former congressman Tom Tancredo issued an ultimatum to two Republican primary hopefuls for Colorado governor, Scott McInnis and Dan Maes, unless they agreed to his conditions by Monday. 

Those conditions They must commit to withdrawing from the race the day after the Aug. 10 primary if polls show the winner trailing likely Democratic nominee John W. Hickenlooper.

Republicans immediately denounced Mr. Tancredo, calling on him to rescind his threat and predicting his candidacy would spell disaster for the party's chances in November. But the way Mr. Tancredo sees it, he's doing the Colorado Republican Party a favor.

He says the Republicans have no chance of winning the race with Mr. McInnis, who's embroiled in a plagiarism scandal, or Mr. Maes, an unknown who was recently fined for campaign-spending violations.

"We're at the point where Scott is not a viable option," said Mr. Tancredo in an interview Sunday. "So I have a responsibility to the conservatives in this state to do what I can to make sure John Hickenlooper isn't elected."

If Mr. McInnis withdraws his candidacy after the primary, the state Republican Party can form a vacancy committee to select a replacement candidate, which, Mr. Tancredo acknowledges, "won't be me." -Wa TIMES

The public Tancredo is nothing if not  principled.  When it comes to protecting the nation against the Mexican invasion, none stood higher than Tom.  The American Conservative Union issued ratings for potential presidential candidates in 2008, and Tancredo took first with a lifetime ranking of 99 out of 100.  True to his word, at high noon yesterday Tancredo declared run against GOP.     Three cheers for Tom!  

Accruing points for his Navy Cross

After Tenure


This is what the Internet was invented for
JFK may have been killed because of a movie.

He had Addison's disease, which would be obvious to any physician familiar with the disease, as it changes the appearance of the skin, noticeable at a distance.

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At the time, the only effective treatment for Addison's was large doses of the new miracle drug, cortisone, which could finally be inexpensively synthesized.

However, at the time, even the medical community (incorrectly) believed that large doses of cortisone would make someone clinically paranoid.

This was a widespread belief even outside of the medical community, because of the popular star James Mason's movie, "Bigger Than Life" (1956). It depicted a man taking cortisone pills who goes violently insane and murderous.

The last bit was the Cuban Missile Crisis, that made everyone very aware that JFK had his finger on the nuclear trigger. So with just these three elements, it would not be hard to guess that someone would want JFK dead.

President is ill. President is taking drug that will drive him violently mad. President has finger on nuclear trigger. One, two, three.

  Anonymoose (O Club)

Criminal Justice Dept.

DOJ refuses to allow attorney
to testify in Black Panther case

Had retired from DOJ over cover-up
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Eric Holder. What's that word?  Oh, right.    Filthy racist malfeasant two-bit commie shit-eating pissant .

Boxer in a sack

Senator Barbara Boxer:
serving in the military is like
being a member of Congress"

... and please call me Admiral Boxer. I've
worked hard for that, ya friggin swabbies!

Luck o' the Succubus

The Skill-Luck Contimuum

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UPDATED From Original

Remember Shannon Faulkner?

Remember Shannon Faulkner? The girl who lied to gain admission to The Citadel? Everyone was so giddy about her being the first girl to attend The Citadel that they didn't care that she'd lied to get there, and they overlooked the fact that she was completely unprepared--overweight and out of shape. She lasted three days--two-and-a-half of which she spent in the infirmary--and was an embarrassment to women throughout the country.

0bama is the Shannon Faulkner of politics
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