Friday, September 03, 2010

Tax Gambit

How Pelosi might save her majority.
We recall the Democratic Presidential debate when ABC's Charlie Gibson famously asked candidate Barack Obama why he favored higher capital gains tax rates when the evidence is that lower rates produce more tax revenue. After some back and forth, Mr. Obama's one word reply came down to "fairness." If you really believe the main job of government is to redistribute income and punish the rich for making too much money, then you don't mind raising taxes even if it costs you control of Congress. [Democrat Salvage Plan]

This, in my opinion, misguided WSJ Editorial notes up front that Pelosi's "idea is to return to Washington in 10 days and start a debate over raising taxes only weeks before Election Day. "  Swim with the fishes Speaker Hankey. Even if Democrats do everything the article suggests [keep Reagan's tax cuts, at least temproarily], it's too late. 

To borrow from M. Thatcher, "Democrats don't care how much people suffer,  just so long as the rich suffer as much, or more."
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Mark Dayton resume

Mmmm.  I wonder if MN Gov. candidate
Dayton even has a birth certificate?

This is very interesting.

Mark Dayton's current website biography reads:

After college, I taught 9th grade general science for two years in a New York City public school. It was the toughest job I’ve ever had!

This was my request (in addition to standard template language for a FOI request)

Please email the following records:
  • confirmation of employment of:
  • Mark B. Dayton (birthdate 1/26/47) by the New York City Dept of Education/NYC Public Schools
  • dates of employment (believe them to be approximately July 1969-July 1971)
  • job title at the time of employment
  • school of employment
  • home address during the period of employment [I can't wait to see what happened]
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So, how's the acting thing?

"I'm glad I'm married." - TimW

Dems: We Don't Care What You Want

120 Days to Go Until the
Largest Tax Hikes in History

Senate Numbers

Sabato: GOP to Take House,
Maybe Senate in 2010 Election

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Drudge has this titled "SHOCK PREDICTION," but if you're surprised, you haven't been paying attention, and still don't know. To answer your unasked question:

If the Senate is split 50-50, who is in control? Has there ever been an even split?

If the voters were ever to elect 50 Republicans and 50 Democrats to the U.S. Senate, the party of the Vice President would be considered the majority party. The Vice President is named by the Constitution to be the President of the Senate [the presiding officer]. The Vice President would cast the tie-breaking votes on all the resolutions organizing the new Senate, including electing its officers and assigning committee seats.

In 1881, the Senate stood at 37-37, with 2 Independents: one tended to vote with the Democrats and the other with the Republicans. When Vice President Chester Arthur became president after the assassination of President Garfield, the Vice Presidency was left vacant, leaving no one to cast a tie-breaking vote in the Senate. The two parties came to an agreement where the Republicans controlled the committees and the Democrats managed the patronage.

A better analogy, I think,  is 1980.  Reagan's sweep brought with him a Republican Senate, but the House remained Democrat controlled.  Didn't matter.  Houses Dems were so fearful of Reagan's popularity that House Republicans were able to steamroll them - for two years.  I see the same thing happening in a split Senate.  Plus, if Reid manages  to be one of those 50 Democrats, it will be an easy task to get him indicted, something that's way-way overdue.

The Big Blow

Anthony Watts
Latest Hurricane Earl Info

Another meta-4 DAYBREAKERS

Watched the Ethan Hawke vampire movie "Day Breakers" with my daughter the other night. The idea is that the world is 95% vampires and only 5% humans and there aren't enough humans to supply blood.

Made me wonder if it was a metaphor for government and taxpayers.

-Steve in Greensboro

Pulling the right strings

Pulling Strings

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hough he served as Prime Minister of Japan for a mere two years in the early '70's before being driven from power in Nixonian fashion in a Watergate-like scandal, for the next decade and a half Kakuei Tanaka served as Japan's shadow leader, known forever as The Kingmaker  for his uncanny ability to govern Japan from the shadows, often hand-picking who would lead the country by controlling a powerful bloc of legislators.

In modern American political history we haven't had a Tanaka-like Kingmaker, until now ... .
Why Be President When You Can Be King(maker)?
If I could stop myself, I'd be famous and rich.  Sighing but LOLing.

Now Serving ... .

The Face of Islam

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Open to interpretation, but I find this picture downright chilling.  It appears the executioner is looking at the "check-out line"  while he tends to the current "customer."   Or, perhaps watching the face of the victim's family as he prepares to take a life. The face of Islam.


Coming to a Congress Near You
Job Satisfaction

Powerwashing in Manhatten

Huff 'n Puff Revisited

Obama’s missile defense
decision–a move that puts more military assets
in position more quickly against the Iranian missiles
–not only increases the pressure on Iran but
allows  Russia to move closer to the
U.S. position  without appearing
to be buckling to America.

The Greatest Strategist Ever

An Impeaching Majority?

Wha?  I just about fell out
of my chair when I read that
John Dingell is in trouble!

More happiness

Power Washin