Sunday, September 05, 2010

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People the Left HATE; aka Americans

Here’s True Top 30 Conservatives the
Left HATES (And 5 They LOVE)

David "what's-in-a-name" Swindle posted this interesting deal on the David Horowitz blog. He thinks the Town Hall list of 100 Americans the Left Hates Most is too "now centric," with too much focus on people like Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.  Swindle's TOP 30 makes a distinction between "important conservatives who the Left might dislike," and those the left actually hates at a visceral level  His "True Top Thirty" list removes Glenn Beck as the #1 most hated, and replaces him with Dick Cheney.  I particularly like his reasoning on this one.  Here's a few of the TOP 30 Greatest Americans.

Town Hall 100 Conservatives Anti-Americans hate

24. Charles Krauthammer

Krauthammer remains perhaps the most essential conservative columnist in the country. He has the ability to completely reframe and recharge debates in ways that drive the Left insane. His pointing out that the BP Oil Spill was actually the Left’s fault is only the most recent example. I don’t know why Fox News doesn’t just give him his own show already.

16. Senator Jim Inhofe

To merely express doubt about man causing global warming is an unspeakable heresy. To those schooled in The Church of Al Gore, that humanity expelling CO2 into the atmosphere will kill us all is as settled as germ theory.

So to challenge it head on is unpardonable. Such a person is an enemy of the planet itself.

Is there anyone more prominent and more aggressive challenging the Left on this subject than Inhofe? I don’t think so.

14. Roger Ailes

Fox News has done critical damage to the Progressive Psyche. Before the blogosphere emerged as a crucial component in the media war, Fox News broke the leftist monopoly on television. The conservative viewpoint could no longer be marginalized; the “consensus reality” was shattered. And Roger Ailes is the one to blame for it.

9. Ambassador John Bolton

Just as Inhofe savages the Left’s deeply held religious belief of  manmade global warming, Bolton is the principal antagonist of another of the movement’s dearest illusions: the sanctity of the United Nations. It’s one of the central fantasies of the Left that all nations can unite in a governing body and solve their problems without violence. Bolton dares to reveal the truth of why this doesn’t work at all.

Is there anyone more prominent and more aggressive challenging the Left on this subject than Bolton? I don’t think so.

5. Sarah Palin

The reasons why the Left hates Sarah Palin have been laid out frequently by plenty of writers, including many at NRB. The answers are numerous and fairly obvious so I won’t rehash them here. What I will say though is that the trend we’ve been seeing with Palin recently has been very encouraging. While she may have been green during her vice presidential run she’s learning from many of the other people on this list very quickly. In the past I’ve been skeptical of the possibility of a President Palin but if she continues in this fashion then that might change.

Here's Swindle's 5 They LOVE

5. Alan Keyes
4. Michael Steele
3. George Will
2. Pat Buchanan
1. Ron Paul

I'll go with him, but disagree on two points.  Alan Keyes is dinged for (among other things) being a "birther." People taking the "anti" position here, without revealing what evidence they have, anything at all, that contradicts the "birther" position, have zero cred with me. And, I do not think Pat Buchanan is an anti-Semite. And shame on neo-com Semites for branding him as one.

San Francisco may start gun fight over pro-firearm ads
I have neither a working 8 track, nor the fuel to fly my B-52 that far, so I'm selling both my nukes to the first terrorist group that will promise to use one of them on San Francisco.
nunWhile congress is in recess?

Farmer Jones says F*** it all

What the Hay?

Nothing changes

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An interesting gambit

I'm no economist,
but neither am I a Democrat

an interesting gambit

another fine mess

For simplicity, let’s assume that the Fed’s policy instrument (now that the federal funds rate is stuck near zero) is the 10-year Treasury note. As an example, suppose the yield is 4%. In that case, it’s all but certain that the Fed, if it chooses, can do something to stimulate the economy and raise the inflation rate.

another fine mess

For example, suppose the Fed were to bid the 10-year note yield down from 4% to 1%. It would take out a whole slew of marginal noteholders in the process. Banks that had been satisfied with a 4% return would be unsatisfied with a 1% return and would lend more aggressively. Domestic investors that had been satisfied with a 4% return would be unsatisfied with 1% and would bite the bullet and buy stocks. International investors would be unsatisfied and would shift their investments into foreign assets, thus weakening the dollar and making US products more competitive. Households would refinance their mortgages and spend some portion of the increased cash flow. Others who previously couldn’t afford houses could now afford them, so demand for houses and home furnishings would go up. And so on. With such a huge policy action, it’s virtually certain that business activity would accelerate enough to reverse any deflationary pressure. Andy Harless

What?  You don't like the positive approach?  Try Cuzzin Ricky's scenarios. What's that?  Nuh-uh, While immensely satisfying, the wholesale lynching of the Administration is illegal.  But, looky here.  John Bolton Suggests He Could Consider 2012 Presidential Bid.  He does foreign, Sarah does domestic. 

another fine mess
Oh my.