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Home Invasion

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Tom Mann


So, who won this game?

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I'm happy but shocked.  Lost $200,000 on this one.

Waling and gnashing of teeth


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In 1995 Air Force One headed home with American dignitaries who attended the funeral of assassinated Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.  President Clinton, more intent on getting head from one of his flying bimbos (Eleanor Mondale was a favorite) I suppose, put Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, and Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole in the rear luggage compartment, never speaking to them.   Upon landing Newt commented on it, obviously piqued.  One hundred and sixty-eight thousand gallons of ink were used over the next  weeks by the media, calling Newt a cry baby.  They later claimed Newt used it as an excuse to "shutdown" the gummint in a budget battle.   Remember?

Mr. Obama .. used Monday’s appearance here to deliver a hearty defense of his policies and take a few whacks at Republicans. “They talk about me like a dog,” the president said. “That’s not in my prepared remarks, but it’s true.” And Mr. Obama repeatedly referred to the House Republican leader, Representative John Boehner, as “the man who wants to be speaker.”  [here]

Poor Baby.  But I doubt they talk about him like a dog.  People like dogs.

Cashy cashy

Scumbag, Inc.

What's lower than an ambulance chaser?
Answer.  This guy has to look up at them
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Gibson, in case you don't know, is the lawyer who's been buying up copyrights; searching the web for bloggers who've used any of the material, and suing them for big bucks.  As an aside, Michele Obama's first post lawschool job was as an associate at the Chicago office of the law firm Sidley Austin.  Gibson was an associate at Sidley Austin.  Guess what they did at Sidley Ausin?  INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW [source]  Ahem.

Sweetness & Light, often used as a source by Rush Limbaugh  is being sued by Gibson.  So is Rantburg (home of the O Club).  Anyway, that's not what this is about. 

Thanks to babanov  I discovered Clayton Cramer's Blog
Conservative. Idaho. Software engineer. Historian. Increasingly, frustrated with how the greed of a small number of lawyers is making life unreasonable for ordinary people.

He's posted a list of  RightHaven's (Gibson's)  "clients," and easy instructions on how to auto-blacklist them - if you use Firefox.    People doing business with Gibson should be boycotted; and,  if you don't go to the sites, you won't accidentally use any of their material and get sued.  I'm posting the list here only to shine a light on these cockroaches. Go here for the instructions.

Put Your Hands Up

Businesses and unions planning to meet on possible
$3,000,000,000,000 pension disaster
That's 3 Trillion! 
Labor groups will be invited to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to talk about an alarming shortfall in state employee pension plans that some believe could lead to a new government bailout. [Keep your hands up]
Let's look at a more likely scenario.
Place: Argentina
Year: 2008
BUENOS AIRES -- Hemmed in by the global financial squeeze and commodities slump, Argentina's leftist government has seemingly found a novel way to find the money to stay afloat: cracking open the piggybank of the nation's private pension system.
If it happens, the announcement will sound something like this (including the Spanish)

In Maryland, where better than 50% get paychecks from government, or government services, losing their pensions might be the first time that a good many of them will ever have questioned Democrat rule.  Them what don't blame Bush, of course.  Lots of people be wanting pitch forks.

Cocoanut Grove Hifg School

Benches that talk, a Cocoanut Grove auditorium, and a marble slab engraved with quotes from Ted Kennedy.

Broke—and Building the Most Expensive School in U.S. History

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I thought, "Maybe Judge Russell G. Clark had retired in Los Angeles?" - but no.  He's dead.  It's just California Democrats doing what they do best, spending OPM.

Private Moments with Barry

AKA Obamaliner

I like that this 1000 sq. ft. trailer
is called the Snakeliner President-Suite

Only $922,825 USD

More social cancer

'Islamization' of Paris,

a(nother) Warning

Ahem: New York High School Exam Praises Islam and Attacks Christianity

I hear it's pretty fun though

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