Friday, October 01, 2010

Gone to Pot


Boned Jello

The Drudge entry SCHWARZENEGGER DECRIMINALIZES MARIJUANA POSSESSION IN CA... got my hopes up.  Like many others, I imagine, I took that to mean "SCHWARZENEGGER LEGALIZES MARIJUANA," which would have been exciting news.  No, not exciting because I want pot legalized; exciting because it would have boldly invoked the Ninth and Tenth Amendments to  challenge the federals unconstitutional overreach in criminalizing it to begin with.  I should have known better. Too many potheads in CA to get anything right.  

Stop Obama Plane

supposedly Colorado

Tim W

Only $4,00

Cinnamonbun ... (cough)



Don M

Most, but not, all were successful

Original Models:
A Look at Iconic  Prototypes

Boned Jello

Notable Disincentives

If you were around in 1919
and came upon the following protest ...

lips that touch liquor ...

I mean, seriously ... wouldn't you just keep drinking?
Tim W
Notable Disincentives

Snarking Obama

A hilarious process of disillusionment.

 Matthew Continetti writes that it's been fun "to watch Jon Stewart fall out of love with Barack Obama."  The video on the left (Walk it off you pussies) was his example.  I added a clip from yesterday's show that left me feeling embarrassed for Obama.  Srsly. He's obviously uncomfortable with these kids, and seemed non-plussed after one of them did a mega-yawn while he was yammering.  Yes yammer. 
Walk it off you pussies
Barry talks to the kids in detention, sans teleprompter
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Next time paste it inside


Or, people crapping in public

What the hell were they thinking?

Free the Slaves?

People are frustrated, their [sic] anxious, they're scared about the future. And they have a right to be impatient about the pace of change. I'm impatient ... It took time to free the slaves. Impatient About The Pace Of Change

After listening to hip hop artist B.o. Bizzle perform Im Dat Nigga,  the Obamas turn to the movies (rollover) for  help in refining the Administration's message.  "I'm bucking up," explained the president.

Quack Math

For one thing, I learned that
Chrysler was run by devil worshipers.

I hadn't seen this Donald Duck Math Magic film since an Indian Guide bonfire was rained out,  and we were herded into the council lodge to watch 16 mm movies.  I'm laughing here at the thought of the first film; a circa 1950's movie of the annual Dorchester County (MD) Muskrat skinning contest.- in  faded Technicolor.   Unlike this recent, very sanitized affair, our film was hair, teeth and blood flying all over what appeared to be somebody's garage.  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre doesn't hold a candle to that demonstration.  The lodge hall, except for a few gasps and some muffled crying, was stone silenct.  Then my  repressed laughter got the better of me, and I let out in  full howl. JFC, what the hell were the Lodge mugwumps thinking?   These kids were 7-8 years old! Jesus it was funny.

Next was the Donald Duck film. I was captivated by it, and have often wished I owned a copy.  There is a scene in the original where geometry is used to make difficult pool (not billiard) shots.  I've used that magic ever since.  There are more episodes here.  If you have school aged kids, and by that I mean any age, consider purchasing the video.  This film coalesced a lot of math principles into something tangible for me, and I need that to learn..  I'd have benefited  from it, even as late as college. Won a Nobel for science, prolly.
Boned Jello
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