Sunday, October 03, 2010

Horse hole

I guess that's a real horse-hole

Too slick by half

Donald Duck Meets Glenn Beck
in "Right Wing Radio Duck"

Technically well done, but so heavily left-handed that it loses its intended value as agitprop.  Wish I was in the mood to re-edit it. 

Lawless Lib Fugitive

Boned Jello

Massachussets Senate President
Therese Murray is not hiding in a cave.

I dunno. It sounds to me like she's encouraging felons to continue breaking the law.  Clearly an act of sedition.  Others like her (al Qaeda) are hard to find, what with  those caves.  Murrays's right  there in the open.  I know.  She's in that lawless  eastern  province,  where people make their own law.  An area where government troops are afraid to venture into. What about drones? Punji stake pits?  Ninjas? Something, for chrisake! .  I'm tired of this lawless liberal crap.  People just making their own shit up.  Here's a poster.  Put it on lamp posts and trees.  I'm offering $10,000 for her captures and prosecution, probably payable by a provisional government. 

Doing Paris

6 Things Paris Hilton Would Be
 Doing If She Wasn’t An Heiress

Boned Jello

All this is fun, but she'd prolly be a model who does scandalous things, uses drugs,  and travels with rich people. Or, a dental hygienist.

Union attendance at the rally exceeded expectations

Union attendance at the rally exceeded expectations

Obama apologizes for syphilis

Sorry for the syph

Yes. I thought about strafing.

Busy Work
Yesterday's get even march on Washington.  Didn't pay much attention.  Didn't even know it was happening, actually.  I laughed this morning at SondraK's rollover, and followed the link to a video where some guy said "I have here  in my pocket a satellite image blah-blah-blah"   Of course it was a lie that the crowd was bigger than Beck (the get even part).  The entire spectacle was as spontaneous as the Nuremberg rally, I thought.  Turns out, so did Byron York.  
Organizers of Saturday's "One Nation Working Together" rally at the Lincoln Memorial are proud of their diversity.  Before the event, they predicted it would be the "most diverse march in history."  It turned out they were right. Looking around the rally, there were Teamsters Local 311, Service Employees International Union Local 1199, Communications Workers of America Local 2336, American Federation of Teachers Local 1, United Auto Workers Amalgamated Local 171, Transport Workers Union Local 100, and representatives of many, many other unions.  That's a lot of diversity. - Byron York

What did they accomplish?  The whole thing was busy work. Predictably boring.

News Flash - Kenyan born in Hawaii

Fake But Accurate?
Dan Rather-Style Journalism Reigns
Confused? Me too.

Oslo - Oct 12, 2007 Al Gore accepts Nobel Peace Prize for saving Earth

  1. Completely manipulated scenes of wolves being ordained into the Catholic priesthood.
  2. Alta Jacko (rhymes with "wacko"), "the mother of eight children" dishonestly portrayed as the whale who left Hawaii.