Saturday, October 16, 2010


We're trying to cheer Alear up

Menswear Floor



Door Stop

Door Stop

Solar System in 1/2 mile

In case you're feeling significant

Boned Jello

This page shows a scale model of the solar system, shrunken down to the point where the Sun, normally more than eight hundred thousand miles across, is the size you see it here. The planets are shown in corresponding scale. Unlike most models, which are compressed for viewing convenience, the planets here are also shown at their true-to-scale average distances from the Sun. That makes this page rather large - on an ordinary 72 dpi monitor it's just over half a mile wide, making it possibly one of the largest pages on the web. This means you'll have to do a bit of scrolling if you want to find the planets, but don't despair. They are reasonably bright and labeled, so you can probably catch them flashing by in the blackness even if you are scrolling fairly fast.

Speaking of Pluto, I know it's no longer technically a planet, but it's still included in this model for reasons of tradition.

A Proper Charlie

Perrier Commercial


Tom Mann

If Holder isn't impeached, this election will have been for naught

Congress Catches On to
DOJ’s Keystone Kops Show

Boned Jello

The curtain has been pulled back, and the Department of Justice spin that they are doing everything they can to protect military voters has become a laugh line.
  • Friday was a very bad day for the people responsible for the Keystone Kops operation protecting military voting rights inside the Justice Department. The three ranking members of the House of Representatives with oversight over military voting issues and the Justice Department sent a devastating letter to Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez.
  • “Public records” and media reports, like the many here at PJM, have “painted a picture of widespread noncompliance with federal law aided and abetted by an enforcement authority that is entirely ineffective,” the congressmen say. Strong stuff, that “aided and abetted” comparison, for it is a term mostly used to describe a criminal enterprise.
  • The problem for Eric Holder is that in just a few weeks, these three will probably shed the title “ranking member” and replace it with “chairman.”



Doo-dah, Doo-dah

U.S. drone attack kills a
top Pakistan Taliban leader

recently warned that terrorists would launch
attacks in the U.S. and Europe "very soon"

Double Fun

Double Fun Saturday
A Man's Fantasy ...

Enjoy ladies

Daley Walks Away from Democrats

Sound The Retreat Bugler
Sound retreat bugler
Gesturing toward the magnificent steel, glass and concrete towers of Chicago's Loop during a conversation with the Chicago Sun-Times editorial board, Mayor Daley noted that "almost 95 percent" of the skyscrapers were private-sector constructions. Then he declared this self-evident truth: "I don't think Democrats realize how important business is to our economy and to our cities." Chicago Sun Times

Condi Rice is back on the plantation

I'm only human. Sorry.
Rice rolled her eyes at the notion that Obama is a closet Muslim, and she defended him from criticism - led by former vice president Richard B. Cheney - that Obama has weakened the country. "Nothing in this president's methods suggests this president is other than a defender of America's interests," Rice told an audience that included presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett. [Looks like Stockholm Syndrome sent her back to the plantation]

Aside: Google removed the wookie picture from general Michelle search results.You have to say "wookie"


Here's yur bias
Verum Serum's post, The War on Fox Lives: HCAN (Health Care for America NOW!) Takes a Swipe at FOX in New Jack Black Video  led me to, The Pew Research Project for Excellence in Journalism).  The specific reference was to the chart (lower right) that exampled MSNBC's coverage versus Fox, which pretty much captures where the bias is.  I'd never been to this site before, so like a kid in the new toy store I randomly grabbed some other charts.  Nothing surprising here, but validation is always a good thing.

Pew Research 2008 Election

The  Jack Black agitprop  is so cheesy it made me laugh. 


U.N. official: U.S. is $1.2
billion in arrears at U.N.


and condescending, blah-blah-blah

"... you may call it arrogance ... ."

I do.  Hank.