Friday, October 22, 2010

The Military Vote

Jarrett's Cube

Jarrett's Cube

Stuff I can't do

Barney Frank - Crimnal at Large

Barney rakes in $40G from bailed out banks
... despite vow to shun bailed-out lenders

Meanwhile - while this video has only mediocre production values by today's standards,  it was produced and paid for by the Gay advocacy group GOProud - and, as a commenter noted,  freely plays on anti-gay stereotypes, referring to Barney Frank as 'catty. My position on Barney Frank is that he, even more than Bill Clinton, is responsible for bringing this nation, if not all of western civilization, to the brink of destruction.  It's unconscionable that he still has a voice in government.

Candidates for summary execution if reason & martial law prevailed

Candidates for summary execution if reason & martial law prevailed

Something about the speed of marshmellows

I dozed off on this microwave oven experiment pretty much straightaway, but it looked pretty cool.

Instant Underpants

"it's better to have damp underpants
than no underpants at all!"

Instant Underpants

Al Gore's Noose is Tied To PROP 23

Part One: Al Gore & Friends
Here’s a handy checklist of talking points in case you are disinclined to actually listen to Al Gore:

    * Demonize oil firms: Check
    * Make bogus claims about record warm temperatures: Check
    * Claim pollution causes global warming: Check
    * Weather is climate – Pakistan floods: Check
    * Weather is climate – Russian wildfires: Check
    * Weather is climate – Tennessee floods: Check
    * Disclosure of source of Al’s $300 million campaign: hmmm

The Daily Bayonet

Proof of God

Paging Ruth Lessness

When a Hostile Takeover is in Order

Hostile Takeover

From The Daily Caller this morning: GOP House majority must be wary of ‘cranky electorate,’ consultant says.    
As they begin to govern, Republicans will need to keep in mind that their favorability is under 50 percent,” wrote Sara Taylor Fagen, a former White House political director for President George W. Bush. “The electorate is extremely cranky and will likely remain this way for some time.”

To maintain control of the House, Fagen wrote, a Republican majority must realize that voters “will be slow to trust and quick to discard people they perceive as typical politicians.

They're not off to a very good start:
Rep. Darrell Issa seems like a man of contradictions. If Republicans take the House of Representatives he’ll be the Republican point man on the House Committee that investigates the government (aka the Obama administration).

But Issa has struck a conciliatory tone in recent days. He told the Wall Street Journal Tuesday that Americans expect Congress to “create compromise and advance their agenda. They want us to come together after we agree to disagree." [The Note]

Boehner offers plum committees to GOP challengers  similarly signals same-old -same-old, and translates into "Play for Pork."  I don't trust Boner to begin with; reminds me of the smarmy Trent Lott.

The force driving this revolution is the realization that we are engaged in an ideological war to determine whether this nation lives or dies. I don't get a sense that any but a few congressional Republicans recognize that.  Unless they go in with bayonets; demand unconditional surrender; giving no quarter, then all is lost.  You know I'm right.