Sunday, October 24, 2010

Punching Bag -1;

Okay, watch how it's done ...


States Weigh Letting Noncitizens Vote

(see ... "candidate says violent overthrow of government is 'on the table'")


Stewart's tScam

... pleads with Stewart to cancel "make
fun of stupid Americans" rally ...

The editor of the Washington Post Sunday "Outlook" opinion section, Carlos Lozada ... isn't upset with Stewart because the rally
John Stewart in Mufti
might drain liberal energy away from the grass roots on the last weekend before the election. He's upset because it will hurt Stewart's just-kidding image, just as he feared Stewart's "stop hurting America" lecture that killed CNN's "Crossfire" would hurt it -- it might "shatter the illusion" of Stewart's comedy as "hey, just cracking jokes and throwing spitballs, here." But what it really shatters is any illusion that Stewart isn't an angry leftist behind the smirk (as he demonstrated on NPR). Liberals want to pretend their comedians are nonpartisan, just like their journalists. [NewsBusters]

Travelling with Barry and what's-her-name

Obama Books Entire Taj Mahal Hotel – Teleprompter Junkie Fears Missiles And Spiked Food

via Vanderleun (with worthwhile commentary)

Compare & Contrast

Compare & Contrast

NPR Crap


If liberals want to understand how conservatives feel about NPR, they should ask themselves this: How would I feel if I knew that every time I paid my taxes, a tiny little bit of it was going to Rush - Kyle Smith

Prom Themes

WaPost is on Holder

Your Slip is Showing
There are small problems with the story. For one, the Washington Post is the only outlet that calls King Samir Shabazz by his old “slave name” (Shabazz’s own words) of Maruse Heath. Even Heath doesn’t call himself Heath. Of course this takes some of the sting off Shabazz’s rants against Jews and calls to kill “cracker babies in their crib.”

The Post’s decision to change a man’s name for him is controversial. It has no place.

But overall, the story is very bad news for Eric Holder.

your slip is showing
Did I say urine soaked?

By the hair of her chinny-chin ... .

Hazerdous Waste

Your big fat ass!

Polito prints the wrong picture once too often

A Public Boning No-No

Politico caught boning in pulic

Politico.  I vaguely remember when (2007) a couple of WaPost reporters left to start Politico. There was talk of  a focus on journalistic integrity, blah-blah.  I figured that the Post, after years under the stewardship of the late Katharine Graham,  was like a side of beef that had marinated in urine for 40 years.  There could be no cut of that carcass left untainted. I was dismissive. 

What ultimately put Politico on my radar were frequent references by Rush Limbaugh, especially to articles written by Ben Smith.  In looking up some basic info just now on Wikipedia, this stood out, and neatly fits the tone and temper of this post.

After liberal watchdog group Media Matters for America accused Politico of having a "Republican tilt," Politico's Ben Smith answered: "Media Matters has a point: ...that Bush's public endorsement made us seem too close to the White House.

Sounds like the GOP, wot. Anyway, and independent of other criticisms about Politico's ideological independence, I detected enough odor to quit going unless something else led me there.  Like this article on AmSpecBlog.

Politico Silent on Palin, Hannity, Levin and Beck Retractions

Over at Politico, reporter Jonathan Martin came up with a liberal media twist on Sarah Palin and talk radio and Fox stars. The piece, entitled Hurricane Sarah, describes her as "high maintenance" and so on and so on. It is the classic political hit piece.

 As might be expected, the story is sourced to "e-mails and bar-stool chats among the tightknit world of Republican political professionals."

Ahhh yes.

This always interesting little world of self-believed "insiders" has confidently proclaimed that Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and Glenn Beck have all had it with Palin. The former Alaska governor is supposed to have "backed out of planned interviews" with Hannity and Levin "the morning she was scheduled to talk to them." Beck was said to be "so annoyed" he "finally decided not to have her on his radio or TV show to promote the book."

This is a tough business.  You can do a lot of things right, but post just one picture of a girl being boned in public, and  ... . Well, it's hard getting a second chance. And if you do it several more times ... . Oye.