Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Balls Up!

A Thing of Beauty

The City That Spawned Pelosi


The Health Department issued Healthy Choice, a food facility in the 400 block of Lexington Street, a $100 fine on Thursday.

"It was the second time they were found with a high trans fat level in their ingredients," said Health Department agent Juan Gutierrez.


Vichy Democrat James Webb
... has raised just $16,620 and had $471,000 in the bank - both numbers the least of any Democrat who looks to be in for a hard challenge in 2012.

About half of Webb's contributions in the third quarter came through ActBlue, a fundraising tool used by Democrats in which a candidate does not have to actively solicit donations. Another $11,400 came from political action committees, and only six individuals contributed directly to Webb's campaign
Webb may have just enough honor left to leave the stage quietly, and hope history won't treat him too harshly. I don't think there is redemption in this life for a Webb-level betrayal.

Dummy Up

Also hires out as a portable teleprompter

1000 Words

1000 Words

Ninth Circus Clowns

Federal court overturns
part of Arizona voting ID law

Ninth Circus Clowns

... ruled against requirement that residents prove their U.S. citizenship to register to vote, but upheld a part of the same law that mandates residents to show identification before voting.

News Twits

MSM & Social Media
We bash the MSM a lot here at NewsReal, and for good reason.

The legacy media clings to many now-debunked myths of their own importance. The average person still thinks All the President’s Men is a documentary, that Walter Cronkite convinced LBJ that he’d lost support among middle Americans for the Vietnam War, and that Edward R. Murrow brought down Senator McCarthy.

None of which is true.

However, I just stumbled upon this extremely dark-humored (self) parody, produced by the local newscasters at Dallas FOX 4. This video mocks the MSM’s slightly clueless, awkward embrace of social media trends — which has more to do with them looking “cool” (that is, like dorks) than with truly communicating with their (shrinking) audiences. [continued]
This is precious!

Carpet Bagging

America's 'Tea Party' to expand to Israel

No it isn't.  How do you franchise spontaneous combustion? Sheesh. 

Sierra Club Phonies

A penny to the Sierra Club
is a penny to Hitler

Sierra Cub Beastiality
The [Obama] visit [to Virginia] comes as six Democratic-aligned outside groups are pouring money onto the airwaves in support of Perriello. Organizations including the Service Employees International Union, the Sierra Club and the National Education Association are spending [....]
I like this story of how the hard left, including Obama, are  trying to save Tom Perriello, a freshman Democrat who is seeking a second term in a conservative-leaning district, against actual conservative GOP state Sen. Robert Hurt.  I'm speaking of the Sierra Club's quite proper inclusion with other radical leftists, like SIEU and the NEA.  Too few people understand that  contributions to this eco-terrorist organization are an important resource for this current government. The Sierra Club will not be happy to be thus outed. If you're genuinely interested in animal husbandry, and gentle treatment of the environment, send money to outdoor sportsmen groups like the NRA.

Breast Asymmetry

Solid Wood Ferrari Engine

US $6,000

Boned Jello

This is a rare handcrafted wooden Ferrari V12 engine. The entire engine, including the manifold is handcrafted out of wood. The engine is based on the Ferrari 365GTB V12 engine. It's about the same size as the original engine and weights about 25kg or 50lbs.

 The engine is in Sydney, Australia. I prefer pickup but can have it ship anywhere in the world if desire. If you are in Sydney, inspection welcomes. [E-bay]

better than the noose


This is hardly the vicious attack I've been reading about. In a war where one misstep by the good guys cancels out 100 by Obamunists, the foot on the shoulder is an unfortunate image; but only if viewed by dullards who have yet to take sides in this war. Soros's Moveon.orgers have been infiltrating Teaparty ranks with the intention of  causing incidents; have destroyed their own offices in an attempt to ignite a "Helter Skelter;" and are running faux Teaparty candidates.  I personally wouldn't care if they had taken this miscreant and  ...  ahem.

Look at it this way. During the formative moments of our nation's founding,  loyalists were tarred and feathered, or worse, for simply defending the king.   I'm sure there are, somewhere, accounts of loyalists who infiltrated patriot groups with the intention of  discrediting  the movement.  They would have been very lucky indeed to have escaped with just having wigs torn off, and non-lethal pressure applied to a body part.

Chris Christie & Teacher's Union


Gov. Chris Christie comments on 'teachers unions gone wild'