Wednesday, November 03, 2010

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In Iowa, Voters Oust Judges Over Marriage Issue

    DES MOINES — In a rebuke of the state supreme court with implications for judicial elections across the country, voters here removed three justices who participated in a ruling last year that made the state the first in the Midwest to permit same-sex marriage. ...
I don't care what the issue is, judges who legislate from the bench deserve have to be removed.  There's a bit of a conundrum however.  How do these same voters explain  Tom Harkin ?

Mission: Find Pelosi

Tea Party Recon

Who Dat?

It was an insanely
simple escape plan

The getaway

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Not so much a Paean to Sarah as a
clarion call of warning to their client?

"My observation of Sarah Palin," says CBS News political analyst Nicolle Wallace, "is that she is one of the shrewdest political figures in our country at this moment. She's also one of the most electric." [CBS NEWS- Palin Emerges with Even More Clout]

Sarah On Top

(CBS)  Most of the candidates Sarah Palin endorsed chalked up victories Tuesday.

And that scorecard leaves pundits wondering whether she'll now train her sights directly on the Republican presidential nomination in 2012.

As CBS News Correspondent Jeff Glor reports, .the former GOP vice presidential nominee backed 43 candidates for the House. Thirty of them won, with races involving nine others still undecided. Special Report: Campaign 2010

Her record in Senate races was closer: She endorsed 12 candidates. Seven won. [...]

CBS is up to something here .. . Being too rational.

It's Your Fault

The Great One

The Winner: Rush Limbaugh

Never seen in the same room
Have you ever seen them together?  No.

 “ Look, what he's talking about is the absorption of as much of the private sector by the U.S. government as possible, from the banking business, to the mortgage industry, the automobile business, to health care. I do not want the government in charge of all of these things… See, here's the point. Everybody thinks it's outrageous to say. Look, even my staff, "Oh, you can't do that." Why not? Why is it any different, what's new, what is unfair about my saying I hope liberalism fails? Liberalism is our problem. Liberalism is what's gotten us dangerously close to the precipice here. Why do I want more of it?

So I can answer it, four words, "I hope he fails." And that would be the most outrageous thing anybody in this climate could say. Shows you just how far gone we are. Well, I know, I know. I am the last man standing. [...]

I will not forget, nor forgive

Reminder from JM

Affirmative Action Out in AZ

Arizona Bans Affirmative Action

Killing the Race Beast

Arizona voters on Tuesday approved Proposition 107 to ban the consideration of race, ethnicity or gender by units of state government, including public colleges and universities. With 2,075 of 2,239 precincts reporting as of early Wednesday morning, unofficial results from the state had the measure passing with just under 60 percent support.

Don't get panties twisted Mr. Holder; California, Michigan, Nebraska and Washington State have already imposed such bans.  Now, what about the other 52 states?

Carving up the turkey

Downplayed, but critically important -
Republicans make huge gains
in state legislative chambers

Pre-election, Republicans controlled both legislative chambers in 14 states, Democrats controlled them in 27, 8 states’ chambers split power between the parties, and single chambered Nebraska has a “nonpartisan senate.”

Boned Jello
As of the publication of this article, the Republicans had flipped 14 state chambers, thereby controlling both legislative chambers in 22 states and leaving the Democrats
to control them in 21, with 6 states’ chambers splitting power between the parties, and Nebraska continuing to boast a single chambered “nonpartisan senate.”

With an increase in their control over state legislatures across the country, Republicans have the opportunity to throw their weight around in the redistricting process and gerrymander their way into more secure majorities for the coming years.

Alas: Here's the only results I could find from Southern Massachusetts - Via the Baltimore Sump (if it sounds like they're reporting a home team victory - they are)

General Assembly: Democratic bastions solid

Early results show no signs of any cracks in the Democratic Party's hegemony in legislative races in Montgomery, Prince George's and Charles counties. Republicans, who had entertained hopes of a few breakthroughs, are so far being shut out. The same goes for the eastern part of Howard. Rural western Howard is so far holding for the Republicans.


Rossi Beats Murray by 2%
Unfortunately he needed 4% to
overcome King County vote fraud

Yeah - right

ODDS THAT I'M RIGHT - 27:1 (Official Odds Making Company©)

Open thread


Boned Jello

Bachman v. Mathews

" .. they're trying to say MSNBC
is in the tank for Obama!"

A book will be written about all the sorry-ass things Democrats (including their media) have already said, and will say about this election.  Here's one that's bound to make it. 

Rep. Michele Bachman (R MN) was being interviewed on Hard Ball's election coverage show (MSNBC)  by Chris Mathews.  Annoyed that she wasn't giving him answers he wanted, he asked, "Are you hypnotized ... in a trance?"  Bachman responded:

"The American people are the ones...coming out of our trance...I think people are thrilled tonight. I imagine that thrill is probably maybe quite not so tingly on your leg any more."

But that's not even the good part.  Here's NewsBuster's account:

Bachman's point was hilariously underlined by a sign behind her that referenced Matthews' now famous Barack Obama induced thrills, which caused MSNBC's Rachel Maddow to whine: "Can we talk for a second about what they're trying to do there? With that sign they're trying to say MSNBC is in the tank and NBC is in the tank for Obama. That's what they're trying to say."

That no longer has to be said, Rachel baby.

Numbers USA

Everything on One Page
Appears to be sucking up a lot of bandwidth though

Please, Give us Murray's Head!

Murray Party This Way


(King 5 Seattle) Rossi 54% to Murray 46%

Dino Rossi up to an early lead over the Mom in tennis shoes. 70% of WA voters rejecting a new state income tax.

Toomey Wins!

AP Calls PA-SEN for Toomey

Pop the Bubbly!