Thursday, November 11, 2010

Poop tomato seed

not making this up.

I thought this TUA post was a smackdown parody of the undigested seed lodged in American cultural poop named Jerry Springer.  It's not!  It's self parody.

It Mused me

The Muse
Juice - if you haven't seen it yet ....

I unapologetically admit that I watched this 11 year-old movie for the first time last night, and it was just what I needed. 

The Real Answer Is ..

Barn Army Commission Report
The American Worker

I'm experiencing postpartum  (election) depression following the birth of  Hope last week.  Which is to say, I'm not feeling all that much like blogging politics  But, and to continue the metaphor, a queef of such urgency has built that unless I release it my head explodes.  Embarrassment be damned.

A draft proposal to be released Wednesday by the chairmen of President Obama's bipartisan commission on reducing the federal debt calls for deep cuts in domestic and military spending starting in 2012, and an overhaul of the tax code to raise revenue. Those changes and others would erase nearly $4 trillion from projected deficits through 2020, the proposal says.

The plan would reduce Social Security benefits to most future retirees -- low-income people would get a higher benefit -- and it would subject higher levels of income to payroll taxes to ensure Social Security's solvency for at least the next 75 years.

First, as cuzzin ricky suggested at our staff meeting last night, and I quote:

"This will be the basis for the first steps towards converting Social Security into an entitlement program for the poor, funded by middle income (and above) Americans...who will realize less and less benefit."

Second, as expected their working assumption as the way out of this government caused crisis is to essentially cut military spending and raise taxes. A government solution.  Not a word addresses a fundamental problem - America's slide from a manufacturing economy to a service economy.  We don't make stuff anymore; we serve it. Selling General Motors, a primary defense contractor, to the Chicoms is exactly what we do not do.  Instead, we dance with the partner what brought us.  We unleash the American worker!

  1. Hold in abeyance all environmental law, restrictions, and other impediment to commerce for at least 10 years.
  2. "Loser Pays" tort reform - stat
  3. Remove capital gains tax to free expansion capital - stat
  4. Vow to become self sufficient, with the ability to produce 100% of our military and defense equipment internally.  100%
  5. Drill Drill Drill - stat
  6. Build Build Build - stat