Friday, November 19, 2010


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And he doesn't smell

Does this look about right
conventional media wisdom-wise?




Dan Quayle

Bill Clinton

Al Gore

George W





Think of all the term papers this chart could inspire - theses even. It's gold!
 (You're welcome)

Legends in their own minds

Michael Steele
The Man ... The Legend ..
Earlier this week, Republican National Committee political director Gentry Collins resigned and wrote a scathing letter about the RNC's poor fundraising performance in the 2010 cycle. Now, Steele's written a letter saying that the RNC under his tenure saved the Republican party from a "potentially ruinous third-party movement."  [Michael Steele Isn't Going Quietly]

Boned Jello

... The Joke

The US finger to Green Euro asshats

Nearly two years in office, Obama finally
does something right, and patriotic to boot!

Lisbon -  While the Portuguese prime minister and the Portuguese president of the European Union’s executive commission are tooling around the NATO summit here in no-emission electric vehicles, Mr. Obama is fouling the Lisbon skies with his no-efficiency "Beast," the eight-ton, diesel-fueled behemoth of a limousine the president carts around the world with him. [Obama's ride is talk of the town]

Giving Green Euros the Finger - UAS-USA

 I give him less than 12 hours before he's off bowing and apologizing to everyone in sight.

Megyn's prize

Megyn Kelly
Fox’s Megyn Kelly Makes
Revealing GQ Appearance

Does she win a Pull-it-sir prize?

National Ammo Day


A message from Vice Gen. Kim Du Toit, BA

Today, Nov. 19, is National Ammo Day.

Have YOU bought 100 rounds or more of your favorite gun food yet?

Kim du Toit

Taste buds changing

In real time here boss ...

Boned Jello

When I saw Clueless in1995 I, like everybody guy, thought Alicia Silverstone was just too cute for words, and her makeover "project" Tai was very second tier [bleh].  So, Clueless is on the telly right now,  and I don't know what to make of this.  I'm preferring Brittany Murphy (Tai).  WTF?  It's like Brussel Sprouts. Have I passed into a new plane of existence - adulthood?

Ailes does Jon Stewart

Ailes on Jon Stewart
When Jon Stewart was appearing on the O’Reilly Factor a few weeks back, he stopped by Roger Ailes’ office for an hour-long chat about politics.  'He’s obviously really, really smart,' the Fox News chairman says. 'He openly admits he’s sort of an atheist and a socialist. He once told me he would’ve voted for Norman Thomas.'  'He hates conservative views. He hates conservative thoughts. He hates conservative verbiage. He hates conservatives.  

Why Ailes is on top, wot.


Patrick Henry
was right about 

J'accuse Deux

Plame Game Revisited
Memory can be unreliable, and misstatements can happen despite pure intentions. It's only fair game to point this out.

So say Valerie Plame Wilson, former CIA case manager and Vanity Fair cover girl, and her husband, Joseph C. Wilson IV, former ambassador to Gabon and extravagant self-promoter. Too bad the Wilsons, a power-mad
federal prosecutor, an officious federal judge, a confused jury and a badly misled president wouldn't apply those same common-sense considerations to I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, wrongly convicted of perjury in the case stemming from State Department official Richard Armitage's public identification of Mrs. Wilson as a CIA employee. ['Fair Game' provides chance to re-examine perjury case]

There's nothing new  here. Quinn Hillyer writes to counter the "deeply dishonest"  film "Fair Game," starring Sean Penn - in his usual George W. Bush-is-evil mode - as Ambassador *cough* Wilson.   When some future American Émile Zola  pens  J'accuse Deux, documenting  Democrat Media Complex corruption, this may well be the author's outline.
  1. Manufacture something against a political enemy to be outraged over
  2. Keep it on the New York Time's front page for several weeks.
  3. Hold congressional hearings, being careful to ignore any perjury by your homies.
  4. When the initial charges are debunked, ignore the debunk and press forward anyway.
  5. When it all falls apart, create some reason for the Washington Post to claim victory
  6. Have someone in Hollywood make a movie about it.
  7. Give the movie an Oscar, and the director a Nobel Peace Prize.
How many times in the past 37 years have we seen this played out by Leftardians?


Airport Gropes

 layers in the security system

4th Amendment Trashed

On Point from the O-Club

Thing From Snowy Mountain Thought for the day on the TSA kerfluffle:

What people were willing to tolerate when it was perceived of being a _layer_ in a security system they are less willing to tolerate when it is sold as _the_ layer in a security system.

Pappy they are less willing to tolerate when it is sold as _the_ layer in a security system

1. It's the visible layer in the security system. Nobody sees the intel work, the drones, the prisoners at Gitmo, or the law-enforcement grind (like chasing money-trails). Few pay, or want to pay, attention to the wars or side-fights (like Mali) that have kept the jihadis off balance.

2. They are less willing to tolerate because it's been nine years since they were really shocked and terrified. The bodies are buried, the names are forgotten, the ash and debris carted away. There hasn't been a successful attack since then due to luck and/or lots of effort.

3. Now they're just terrified, for other reasons. There's no one concrete thing they can strike out at. Congress is too far away. The banks are too big. There's no one thing they could focus their ire on. Until now.