Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Four ½ Stars

Another one I never heard of.
Inglorius Bastards

Never saw it; never heard of it.  Saw it on cable last night and couldn't put it down.  Didn't know it was Quentin Tarantino until the end credits, but should have given the bizarre at times pulp fiction feel.  Not that it mattered, but the Hitler and Churchill actors  resembled their characters not at all.  All the rules broken.  I loved it.  Carry on.

When Rover is Over

Dog Dreams
I know when my dog's countdown began. It's when she realized she ain't catching that bird, and quit trying. It's only recently learnt that men are no different. Sigh. I mean woof. Wait! I can still wag my tail. Crap. Never mind. Throw me a biscuit. A soft one. Dammit. My legs are gone.


Triangulation of the Good Kind

Stupid is as stuipd does

Cultural Rot

Officials in Hawaii say they have seen and verified Obama's original 1961 birth certificate, which is on record with that state. But birthers have not been satisfied with that assurance or the "Certification of Live Birth" Obama has released, a digital document that is a record of a person's birth in the state but that does not list the name of the hospital where his mother gave birth or the physician who delivered him. Court Hears Greeley Army Doc's Deployment Refusal Case
Our National Mouth

A patently false, and proved false lie.  Yet more from the same rotted culture that bought into global warming, asbestos hype, second hand smoke, TWA 800, and the most unqualified leader imaginable..  Lalalalala

John Edwards Free to Marry his Whore

Free at last, Free at last. Thank
God Almighty I'm free at last..
John Edwards,  free to keep his promise
(pending Dave Matthews's availability)


Yeah, but can the Chicoms play Air
Guitar on their 2.5 petaflop Tianhe-1A?

Air Force Unveils Fastest Defense Supercomputer, Made of 1,760 PlayStation 3s

Playstation .5 petaflopper

Let's see if I can get this right.  A teraflop is 1000 billion flops and a petaflop is 1000 trillion, so the Playstation computer is a ½ petaflopper. 

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has strung together 1,760 PlayStation 3 gaming systems to create what it’s calling the fastest interactive computer system in the entire DoD, capable of executing 500 trillion floating point operations per second.

At a total cost of about $2 million, the AFRL estimates the cluster costs something like five to 10 percent of equivalent computers built from scratch. It also consumes just 10 percent of the power.

The array employs the older model PS3s (the larger ones) because new models don’t allow the installation of Linux, a key component for turning the consoles into pliable computing hubs. The AFRL will use the Condor Cluster for quickly processing high-res satellite imagery, radar enhancement, and even research into artificial intelligence. [Full]

W.H. to Olbermann: No Nazis, please

Gibbs- a no nazience guy
White House press secretary Robert Gibbs advised the liberal commenter Keith Olbermann on Monday to refrain from using comparisons to Nazi Germany after the MSNBC host likened President Obama’s deal on tax cuts to Nazi appeasement.

“Whenever you compare anything to what the Nazis did, if you ever get to that point in your speech, stop, because nothing does, and hopefully, God willing, nothing ever will,” Gibbs told reporters. 

Asked if Obama heard Olbermann’s “special comment,” Gibbs replied, “I doubt the president heard that.” [Politico]

What a zoo.


and other stuff if old people ran the internet

College Humor.Com can be a lot of fun as long as you realize it's run by people who get their news from Jon Stewart.

Purity Rings

They took our jobs!

US Auto Industry Rocks!
Only Not in the USofA

Maybe some of the chit-chat on this autoworker forum can provide insight into what went wrong. I not saying it will, I'm only saying ... 
Tom Mann

Obama Trumped

TRUMP: I would tax Chinese products
and I tax them very high ...
'Obama totally over his head'

More feathers in Trump's cap from Demonratsinthesewer.Com:

Trump praised Palin and her husband. Said she was prepared to handle the economy.

I hope his stock is worth pennies.

and he's right irregardless (English teacher)

Fuck Trump  (Philosophy Professor)

And he says Palin would do great running the economy (the first guy already said that noob)

Snake fight

I had a dream ...