Sunday, December 19, 2010


pressing the wrong buttons.  still.
So there are these two Americans going through an airport screening area. One is an old white nun who had a mastectomy and the other is an Iranian-American male with a loaded pistol.

Can you guess which one was frisked and pushed through a nude scanner and which one made it onto the plane to catch his international flight?

Can we please start profiling now?

amy proctor



With new influence, Issa recasts self
as is the custom with Republicans in power

Rep. Darrell Issa is finally getting what he has long craved: subpoena power. From his new perch atop the committee responsible for oversight investigations, the California Republican will be able to demand any document he wishes and summon anybody to appear before him - no small thing for a man who recently referred to President Obama as "one of the most corrupt presidents in modern times."
Rep. Darrell Issa

Even so, there's one thing Issa says he won't subpoena: Barack Obama's birth certificate.

The minority's 
gadfly is trying to become the majority's measured man. Issa is working to shed his reputation as an omnipresent, henpecking nuisance whose shouting-forth turns into political headlines.  With new influence, Issa recasts self as Washington's whistleblower - WaPost

Great, another equivocating ("so you no longer stand behind that statement") mealy-mouth Republican. If I hadn't witnessed so many similar metamorphoses I'd think Issa was suffering from Stockholm (aka California) Syndrome.   Darrell Issa's Continued Apology Tour  indeed.   Somebody!  What is so freaking hard about asking Obama to produce his fabled birth certificate?  Republican apparachicks  do not  understand that America is at war with the Democrat party.  W-A-R.  If we don't win this one, forget winning against Islamos, Chicoms, Soros and the Il family. Now I'm all wound up.  Damn short sighted pussies.

Muslim Street Singer

Works for me

Tom Mann

See what I'm sayin'?

Memo to Pope Benedict
call me re attention to public relations

Framed Questions

Why is it Constitutional to Force People to
Buy Car Insurance But Not Health Insurance?
you fit into me

you fit into me
like a hook into an eye

a fish hook
an open eye
Margaret Atwood

This is just an excellent example of how liberals supposititiously  frame questions.  It's particularly effective in today's culture where the "feel good" discipline has usurped "critical thinking."  Anyway, lets do this.  Suppose the office asshat hits you with this question at the coffee machine.  Can you add to, or counter  Noel Shepherd's response?  Am I boring you Mr. Jones?  What's that you passed to Mr. Casca - another dirty picture?  Bring it here and see me after class. Sheesh.

How Gay

Democrats and War
One key vote came from Sen. Jim Webb, a Virginia Democrat who was decorated for his service as a Marine in Vietnam ... Senate repeals "don't ask, don't tell."
Military Gayness
But wait! Webb, the senate's John Murtha clone, secured a statement from Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates that the changes will be managed so as not to to disrupt unit cohesion in the military.  I'm not making that up. Here's more.

 Mr. Webb said he finally was convinced by the testimony of top civilian and uniformed leaders at the Pentagon that overturning the policy wouldn't hurt military readiness.

"top civilian and uniformed leaders
" - and everyone of them screened like potential questioners  at an Obama town hall meeting.   This is not  about allowing gays in the military, an action that common sense alone dictates against,  and finds overwhelming opinion of combat officers that this move is disruptive, destructive and stupid.  It's about liberal asshat social engineering.  Look at this.

Mr. Gates has repeatedly warned Congress that if it doesn't take action, he fears that the courts will force repeal on the military, and that would be tougher to manage in an orderly fashion.

That's where we're at.  The looming threat of  politicized court action is enough to cause preemptive legislation that is ultimately destructive?  And don't read "anti-gay" into this.  It's anti asshat.