Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christie's da man!

Chris Christie commutes man's sentence for being manly

Partial Monty

Parade ... Yoo-Hooo!

This is so apropos.  BTW, I feel obliged here to make the "some of my best friends are colored," speech. Meaning, I have, like many of you, gay friends and family members, and none resemble these mincing Nancys.  For me, gays in the military is a mistake  for reasons that transcend what's erroneously called "homophobia."  Reasons I've stated before.  I find it galling that a political party, that has for 50 years shown the greatest antipathy for our military, would - almost as an act of revenge, drop the don't ask,don't tell accommodation.  That doesn't mean this Monty Python sketch isn't funny though, so have a laugh.  
El Jefe

A Neat Watch

Stuff I Thought of
that someone else invented
a neat watch

Nifty Watch

She's hoping for the cover

Also Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs

Hopes and Virginity gone in a fell swoop

There's a movie script here


You didn't worry about this even two years ago -- about individuals, about Americans, to the extent that we now do. And -- that is of -- of great concern.
Hmmmm.  What happened two years ago?  That changed things?   Hmmmmm.

A Fine Essay

Constitutional Judo

Many Americans ... assume that ‘the people’ derive their power from the Constitution, but the reality is actually reverse; the Constitution, in fact, derives its power from the people. Our duty (which some have forgotten) has always been to protect the rights and liberties inscribed on those pages of parchment. Not just to know those rights, or recite them, but to implement and defend them in our day-to-day existence. Without the constant nurturing cultural pulse of sound minds and courageous hearts, the Constitution dies.
Killing Dandelibs
Death By A Thousand Cuts

Patriot Acts I & II: The Patriot Act is what I call “chameleon legislation”; it’s designed to be “open to interpretation” by officials and to be modified for whatever purpose they happen to deem fit at the moment. 

The Enemy Belligerents Act: The Enemy Belligerents Act is a perfect example of how the leadership caste of the Democrats and Republicans (who are neo-cons, not true conservatives) work in tandem to institute globalist policy. …

The John Warner Defense Authorization Act: A bill passed by George W. Bush in 2007 with very little initial media coverage. Allows the Federal Government at the direction of the president to subvert Posse Comitatus and use the military within the borders of the U.S.

Establishment Of Northcom: Northcom (United States Northern Command) is, at bottom, the teeth behind legislation like the John Warner Defense Act. If martial law is declared in the U.S., it will be Northcom and its assigned military units that will stand at the forefront. Northcom’s stated mission is to “defend the homeland”, supposedly against terrorism, however ... 

Presidential Directive 51:  It dissolves all states rights and places the entire country under the purview of Northcom, and Homeland Security.

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA): Supported by both Bush and Obama. The word “foreign” is highly misleading. FISA allows telecom companies to supply the personal data and communications of anyone, including Americans, to the government without threat of civil retribution (lawsuit).

Big Brother Technotronic Super Villain-esqe Surveillance Grid: Ever feel like you are being watched? Get used to it.

Bailout Bills (All Variations): Everyone is desperate to play cheerleader for their team, not realizing that both teams are fake and almost every president since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 is to blame for selling out the American people to global banks. 

FDA Food Safety Modernization Act S. 510: Currently being considered for passage in the House. Yet another bill written in such a way as to make it wide open for interpretation by the authorities. [full]

I'm again struck by how much my views have changed since 9-11 when I generally subscribed to all the new security "safeguards." proposed by Bush.  (I always did however hear the Internationale  playing when the phrase "Homeland Security" was  uttered).  Still, there are many laws & prerogatives (like the Executive Order) that have merit, but  have always carried the warning "dangerous in the hands of evil people" . In my lifetime the evil people have been democrats, like Bill Clinton and Brok. It does appear we're in the process of getting rid of them.  Prolly have to throw of few down the well though. 

Tailgunner Dick

Stupid and flabby

Schwarzenegger Wants Obama Cabinet Position
"Energy Czar" to fight Global Warming
says "with my celebrity power, and also my knowledge and experience," he believes can make an impact.

Boned Jello

The DNA transformation from self-made master of his own universe to just another Kennedy bitch is complete.  Remember Arnie, Lindsay Lohan has celebrity power too.


NPR's Totenberg Expresses Regret
for Using Term 'Christmas Party'

Totenberg Expresses Regret for Using Term 'Christmas Party'= Great Comment

Needs sumpin….

Oh, wait I see it. There’s not enough droopage.
= Great Comment Comment

Don't Ask. Don't Tell