Thursday, February 03, 2011

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Many Believe The Big Apple Has Become A Nanny State

Many Believe The Big Apple Has Become A Nanny State?
Nanny Bloomberg

Lynch Clarence and other pithy statements from the Left-tardery

Lynch Clarence Thomas

Sometimes the very ubiquitousness of something leaves me disinclined to post on it, or even watch it.  Such was the case with this video that everyone in the world has by now seen.  I STG, if someone walked up to me on the street and asked, "What about justice for Anita Hill?," I'd respond "I think the statute of limitations on perjury takes her off the hook."  Anyway, I'll take my cue from Big Fur Hat and post this with the comment-

I’m Not Saying One (more) Word

(Actually, I will say something. Bookmark this video.)

Kill the Kill Switch

Get Internet Access When Your
Government Shuts It Down

Can you tell I don't trust gummint?

  In the land of no Internet connection, the man with dial-up is king. Here are a few gadgets that you could use to prepare for the day they cut the lines.

BB Throwback

I posted the headline before I read the article.  Now that I have read it I'm still left with no clear understanding of how I'm going to reach Casca if Obamunists kill the internet.  I have an old 56K modem, but what do I do with it?  I used to log onto text only bulletin boards that used all type of esoteric key strokes,  now long forgotten.  Is there a thing like fidonet out there?  I'd like to set up a  bb that we all could try, and rely on.  Any suggestions? There are some in the article comments.   Let's do it! 

Fun With Father Theisen's Cook

Sometimes I screw with Kathaline

Screwing with Kathaline

Riot Suppression

Kenny G Finds His Calling

cuzzin ricky


  One headline in the Herald read: “Kennedy’s Vendetta” and included some prose in a front-page editorial calling Kennedy “fat boy.” [Pop History Dig]

January 17, 1977

It was about this time that Rupert Murdoch registered on my radar screen.  The Wall Street Journal (alone) was covering Ted's attempts to break Murdoch using the FCC.  I was appaled by Kennedy's manipulation of the law to begin with, and this stoked my fire. The "Fat Boy" cover was cited as one that sent Kennedy over the edge, and was later immortalized when  Howie Carr fired up The Official Fatboy Ted Website!!  If there'a a more fascinating newspaper saga than William Randolph Hurst's, it's Murdoch's.  This POP HISTORY DIG story is a wonderfully entertaining time capsule.

Anyway, that was a long way to go to get to my point. Murdoch's Digital Daily launch may very well be the blueprint that finishes print newspapers.  That means we can add daily news to the the list of services that would be lost with a single snip of the right wire, so to speak. No telephones, no internet, no lots of things.  Instant Afghanistan. Zippety-Doo Dah.  Now, I'm trying to decide if that's a bad thing.

Sell Outs

Sold Out Sighs
Even when it's something I would never have purchased, and know nothing about, I always feel like I screwed-up when WOOT sells out of something this early.

Sold Out Sighs

Omar's Tents and Haute Coture

Adventures Of
The Fashion Conscious Afghani

The Fashion Conscious Afghani

Meet The Kennedys


Meet The Kennedys

TIME Ragazine reports that the The Kennedys 8 hour miniseries will finally see the light of your TV screen - if you get ReelzChannel, a movie channel available in around 60 million cable homes. Originally bought by the History Channel, it was dropped after attacks by the Kennedy mafia who claimed that it contained inaccuracies.  Pretty lame considering that at least 50% of everything we learned about the Kennedys from day one was a lie.  Here's a peek.

  The Daily Beast obtained an exclusive, early copy of the script of the botched History Channel miniseries The Kennedys. Jace Lacob picks eight salacious bits from the first episode.
  Pages 16-17: Wilkinson’s Joe Sr. fondles his secretary in his office at the ambassador’s residence in London in 1938. As he dictates a note to the president, Joe “fondles her breasts” and “nuzzles her neck.” When sons Joe Jr. and Jack enter his office, Joe Sr. continues his fondling as his sons look on, “amused.” The note he’s dictating? It suggests that in order to keep the peace in Europe, certain concessions be made to Hitler. (It’s a viewpoint later parroted by son Joe Jr. even after the annexation of Czechoslovakia.) A comment made about Jack’s shabby clothes results in him telling his father, “Girls figure I need help dressing. Once I get ‘em in the closet…”

Article - Lacob Kennedys Katie Holmes and Greg Kinnear star in "The Kennedys." Credit: Newscom


Years later, Joe Sr. and his secretary Janet pass by his wife Rose in the hallway of their Hyannisport home on Election Night 1960. After chatting with Rose, he and his secretary Janet enter his bedroom as Rose locks her own bedroom door. [Page 57]


Pages 21-23: Joe Sr. learns that Jack is romantically involved with married Danish national Inga Arvard (whom Jack refers to as “Inga Binga”), a woman that J. Edgar Hoover reports has “been linked to counterintelligence activities in Washington on behalf of the German government.” When Jack refuses to break off relations with Arvard, Joe Sr. has Jack shipped overseas after placing a call to the secretary of the Navy. [Tell me more]