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The Screwtape Budget and the
 "In Ten Years" Deficit Solution

"Ten years," as a friend reminded me about the asinine predictions of Paul Ehrlich, "is the ideal time frame for prognostication and problem solving. It's not so far away that people just ignore it, nor is it close enough that it gives people any expectations that can be held against the person who sets the time table. "

Now in ten years Obama will either be out collecting big checks for blathering to the bozos in Davos, or we will be just about into his fourth term should any little Constitutional Accident happen. ("Nice little country you got here. Wouldn't want to see anything bad happen to it.")
The Screwtape Budget
Even dullards must have noticed the dreaded "ten year" solution label that's been slapped onto Obama's Deficit "Be Cool I Got This" Budget. Yes, in only ten years this will all work out.... you fools. - [Gerard-Screwtape Budget Cont.]
Commies love 'Ten Year' plans.

It Worked!

Wow! Thanks Rodge.

Idaho:Nullifcation Passed

First in the Nation:
Idaho House Passes Health Care Nullification

The Legislature of the state of Idaho, therefore, on behalf of the citizens of this state and to secure the blessings of liberty, hereby asserts its legitimate authority to interpose between said citizens and the federal government, when it has exceeded its constitutional authority and declares that the state shall not participate in and considers void and of no effect the PPACA.[Historic Text]
The First Shot
Idaho's Nullification Shot



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20110215 23:15 Pappy I was too young to remember Ike.

Ah yes. Tucson. As I mentioned before, it's to Arizona what Austin is to Texas, but without the barbeque.
20110216 09:28 Anonymoose Pappy: A friend is convinced that the town of Sunnydale, California, used in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show, is actually Tucson.

To start with, it is over a Hellmouth and run by Democrats, and is full of witches, brujos, fortune tellers, monsters, Maoists, moonbats, illegal aliens, and l*sbians. And he swears there are Mexican bars there like the one in From Dusk 'Til Dawn, so there are plenty vampires, too.

Even God owns a bar there, called The Meet Rack, and if get God's brand (literally), every time you return thereafter, your first drink is free, for all eternity.

God was actually sued by a drunk hooker, once, and beat her on an episode of The People's Court.

It is also close to Fort Huachuca, which has oodles of Military Intelligence X-Files bulldada on and under it.

What's not to like?

Chris Cristie at AEI

(I'm laying hands on you)
[In the good way]

Chris Christie- C-SPAN 3

Earlier I watched Chris Cristie's address to the American Enterprise Institute on C-Span3 [Video].  Somewhere about midpoint in his 30 minute address (+30 minutes Q&A),  I realize:d that this is prolly the first time in over 30 years that I listened to a politician talk about anything, and not once get the feeling of being gamed, not even  just a little. Christie is of course a great speaker.  He's also funny as hell, utterly guileless, brilliant, and a man with a plan.  In these times when all of us, I mean everyone of us, is looking for something to hang onto, something to believe in, this is  something.    Give yourself 5 minutes of "quiet time" and listen.  I doubt  many of you will turn it off.  It's medicinal, and fun. HEAL!


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Schussel -"it bothers me not a lick ..." Hooya!

How Muslims Celebrate Victory:
Egypt’s “Peaceful, Moderate, Democratic” Protesters

Lara Logan - Via Bebbie Schussel
As I’ve
noted before, it bothers me not a lick when mainstream media reporters who keep telling us Muslims and Islam are peaceful get a taste of just how “peaceful” Muslims and Islam really are. In fact, it kinda warms my heart.  Still, it’s also a great reminder of just how “civilized” these “people” (or, as I like to call them in Arabic, “Bahai’im” [Animals]) are:  [How Muslims Celebrate Victory: Egypt’s “Peaceful, Moderate, Democratic” Protesters]

... it bothers me not a lick ... either.
More High Humor At The Democrat Club
Democrat Racism
      In the immortal words of Megatron in Transformers: The Movie, Herman Cain's speech at CPAC really is bad comedy. As you know, I find black garbage pail kids black conservatives fascinating not because of what they believe, but rather because of how they entertain and perform for their White Conservative masters. ...

    Instead, Herman Cain's shtick is a version of race minstrelsy where he performs "authentic negritude" as wish fulfillment for White Conservative fantasies. ...

    We always need a monkey in the window, for he/she reminds us of our humanity while simultaneously reinforcing a sense of our own superiority. Sadly, there are always folks who are willing to play that role because it pays so well. -Spoken by Chauncey DeVega on Alternet; Reported by Powerline [More Racism on the Left]

What got Donk panties twisted?  - Herman Cain: "Stupid People Are Ruining America"

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Wacky Jap Humor

We may have to fight WWII again
I'm not making that up


This Nightmare called Obama

Our Continuing
Nightmare on Elm Street

American Nightmare

NPR thanks Obama for budget 'vote of confidence'
As some Republicans on Capitol Hill try to cut, or even eliminate, its government funding, National Public Radio has sent a public thank-you to the Obama administration for proposing an increase in taxpayer funding for public radio.

IRS needs $359M to amass army of 1,000 to implement 1st phase of Obamacare...

81 workers to enforce tanning salon tax...

Bill Bans Use Of Welfare Cards At Strip Club ATMs...

American Nightmare

Christopher Lee’s top ten pick up lines

Former Congressman Christopher
Lee’s top ten CraigsList pick up lines

From I Hate the Media, just precious.  Here's a few.
1. “Do you support the Second Amendment? Then check out these guns.”

2. “I’d like to gerrymander your district.”

4. “I’m Christopher Lee and I approve this massage.”

5. “Lets put it to an up and down vote.”

6. “Come back to my place and I’ll introduce you to my caucus.”

9. “How’d you like a position on my staff?”

10. “My armed forces sub committee is studying the feasibility of a quick withdrawal from Iraq … so how’d you like to help me perfect the art of pulling out?”

Plus this special bonus pick-up line used only on special occasions  [...]
Boned Jello

Learn to speak - what? Bulgarian?

For God's sake, why?

We Were Soldiers Once.  And Young

We Were Soldiers Once.  And Young.

I quit watching Viet Nam movies.  All of them cynical, with thinly veiled tut-tutting that left me more pissed-off than inspired. Oliver Stone values; not John Ford's.   Last Friday, by chance, I stumbled over We Were Soldiers Once, and Young (2002).   I'm the last male in the room who hadn't seen it, I reckon.  I may have read the book, but forget; I've read so many.  We Were Soldiers  stars Mel Gibson as Lt. Col Harold G. Moore, in a  film about the initial battle of  Ia Drang Valley in 1965.  I got caught up in it.  Saturday morning I was compelled to watch it again.
 The telegram sequences were poignant; the battle scenes intense, and believable. This is by far the bloodiest war film I've ever seen.  Intense?  The Pop-Tart in my hand at the beginning was uneaten and crumbled as the credits rolled.   There must have been 500 gross of blood packs used in it's making.

The First Bn. of the 7th Air Cav ( once Custer's command) killed 1800 of 4000 Vietnamese soldiers to 72 out of 395  American fatal casualties   It was the American fighting man at his best.   I had a good movie hangover afterwards.  Sense of well-being; I dunno, hope?  Calm?  Pride? Satisfaction and pride?   Unlike every post-war film about Viet Nam I've seen, this was uplifting and positive.  I remember that John Wayne made The Green Berets (1968) partly to counter the leftist message of failure and doom that was by then pervasive in the media.  This, 34 years later, is the second attempt.

The book was adapted into the movie We Were Soldiers, directed by Randall Wallace and starring Mel Gibson as Moore. In the book, Moore complains that "Every damn Hollywood movie got it wrong"; Wallace has said he was inspired by this comment and became "determined to get it right this time." [Wikipedia]

I just tonight watched it a third time.  On Sunday, at my granddaughter's second birthday party, I was talking with my son-in-laws step-dad.  Turns out we're the same age, and had many of the same experiences.  He was turned down by the Army because of a medical problem, but his brother was in Nam.  Fought at, "was it Pork Chop Hill?"  No, I said that was Korea.  I mentioned that I'd just watched a movie about IA Trang Valley and he jumped, "That's it."  He was in that first battle (it went on for 300 days). His brother said the movie was pretty damned accurate.

The Vietnamese government did not greet the film with approval. In fact, Don Duong the Vietnamese actor, who played the Vietnamese commander Lt. Col. Nguyen Huu An, was officially condemned as a traitor, subjected to interrogations to force him to sign a "confession" to "crimes" he had supposedly committed. Duong refused to give in. After months of negotiations between the Bush White House and Hanoi, Duong and his family were allowed to immigrate to the United States in 2003.[Ibid]

Anyway, when I began watching tonight, I was very wound up over all the same things that you are upset  over.   When it ended,  I was again filled with a certain calm. I don't know why.  I may have to watch it every day from now on.