Thursday, February 24, 2011

But there was a full moon

He promised
A suite at the Waldorf
But delivered
A seat in the Wal-Mart

A suite at the Wal-Mart

Democrats lied, Now they get pied.

Democrats and Unions make a claim. 
Turns out they lied. Yawn.  Carry on.

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin and other supporters of the state's teachers union claim that the five states that do not have collective bargaining for teachers have the following SAT/ACT ranks: South Carolina -50th/ North Carolina -49th/ Georgia -48th/ Texas -47th/ Virginia -44th," and that Wisconsin ranks second. According to Politifact, the claim is completely bogus.

More likely, it's because only 4 percent of Wisconsin students took the SAT in 2010, compared to 74 percent of Georgia students, 67 percent of Virginia students, 66 percent of South Carolina students, 63 percent of North Carolina students, and 53 percent of Texas students. Hell, every state in the country would have a shot at the podium if it excluded 96 percent of its students from standardized test rankings.

Remote Control MG for Afghanistan Use

Remote Controlled Machine Gun

  Will, owner of Red Jacket Firearms, meets a security contractor who wants a Humvee mounted, remote control machine gun built for his team in Afghanistan. Also, Will must repair a valuable antique pistol from 1840. Is it loaded?

$8000 per/unit.  How much do you think if this request went through DOD?  Prolly $20 million for the R&D.


Lautencadaver is at it again!

Actually, Lautenberg has never not been at trying to impose some kind of Second Amendment restriction.  I just liked this Freeper's  "Lautencadaver," [yes I spell corrected it].  Made me laugh.  Hey, it's an Alinsky Rule 5 thing.

McCain's Shift Makes Him Senate's Most Conservative

Uh, the sumbitch was
trying to get reelected

John McDrool

Wilders: my message to Muslims

Wilders: my message to Muslims
The best thing you'll read today

Just A Head
  While we were in Sharm el-Sheikh, President Mubarak happened to visit the place.

I remember the fear which suddenly engulfed the town when it was announced that Mubarak was coming on an unexpected visit; I can still see the cavalcade of black cars on the day of his visit and feel the almost physical awareness of fear, like a cold chill on that very hot day in Summer.

It was a weird experience; Mubarak is not considered the worst of the Islamic tyrants and yet, the fear of the ordinary Egyptians for their leader could be felt even by me. I wonder how Saudis feel when their King is in town, how Libyans feel when Gaddafi announces his coming, how Iraqis must have felt when Saddam Hussein was near. A few years later, I read in the Koran how the 7th century Arabs felt in the presence of Muhammad, who, as several verses describe, “cast terror into their hearts” (suras 8:12, 8:60, 33:26, 59:12). [Extra credit if you're Moslem]
Via Anonamoose:   "Geert Wilders is a good spokesman. I can see why so many want him dead or at least shut up." Geert recalls: "I first visited an Islamic country in 1982. I was 18 years old and had traveled with a Dutch friend from Eilat in Israel to the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm-el-Sheikh."  

A girl and a dog and some guy

Obama & SEIU

Breitbart : Uncovered Video - Obama Leads SEIU Chant After Vowing to Paint the Nation Purple 
“ Mr. Obama is not a public union supporter, he is their national leader. ”

After viewing the video below we can now say with certainty which side President Obama is on concerning the Wisconsin public union protests.  Mr. Obama is not a public union supporter, he is their national leader.  This is rapidly becoming anationwide manufactured "crisis", as orchestrated by SEIU and Obama's Organizing for America.  Is this what he meant when he said he would make us a nation of purple states?   


Youth in Revolt - ****

Youth in Revolt
Way Fun

Youth in Revolt Trailer #2

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