Thursday, March 10, 2011

I had the idea, but this guy did it.

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DeLorean 1.5

Quote of the Week

"I'd almost be willing to get a job in order to participate in a national general strike" - denizen
Democrat-Underground rage
There were also many other quotes demonstrating the sad mental state of the left in that same DU thread:

I just got this flash. I cannot believe this. I am in shock, feel sick to my stomach, the hairs on my arms are standing up.


This is it folks. GENERAL STRIKE! Let's show these rats who runs this country, big business, or WE THE PEOPLE!

I feel sick too. And shaky. And i just got off the phone with my mother whose last words were, "I'm with Gov. Walker"

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Justin Credible

Hire Me And Sell More Stuff

Hire Me and Sell More Stuff

Barry: What can I say?

What can I say?

I was born in Hawaii

How about saying,

"Look, I was always under the impression that I was born in Hawaii.  I guess my grandparents knew I wasn't, and tried to make up for it by getting a certification of live birth.  I found it, and naturally thought it was like a real birth certificate.

I knew nothing about this until Bill Ayers, who was writing my autobiography said, Barry, we have sort of a problem.  All your relatives say you were born in Kenya.  I checked, and you have no record of being born here. 

I said, so what, my mother was a citizen?  

He said, nuh-uh.  She was under-age and could not transfer US citizenship to you.  You have dual British and Indonesian citizenship, as near as I can tell.

By that time I had already decided to be president, and there was no turning back; and it's a stupid law anyway, aimed at keeping the black immigrant down.

You could say that Barry.  It's a start.

Michael Moore shows his ass again

Today's zaniest thing ever!!
Michael Moore Calls Out the Mobs In Wisconsin,
Bring Your Cameras to Capture Any Thuggery

Cameras? I have believed for some time now that this ilk really do believe the stuff they regurgitate (there is no critical thought involved).  I'm not saying you can't find any, but off-hand, how many stories in the past 3-4 years contained verified accounts of conservatives attacking anyone?   How about progressives, union thugs, and pinksters? 

I account for this seeming conundrum - they read and listen, but remain uninformed -  by blaming it on the left's refusal to hear or read, let alone believe, any news account that does not emanate from Moonbattery Central. Do you know how many of them have ever watched FOX News straight-away?  Zero.  There is not a Moonbat alive who has ever read, or listened to a non sanctioned (leftist) media account, unless it was in response to some specific link from another outraged  bat.  Not one.  Which would leave anyone ignorant, let alone plumb stupid.  Michael Moore is an exception.  He's a hard core Marxist trying to foment communist revolution. 

Dems Defeat Spending Cuts

Senators hail defeat of spending
cuts as March 18 looms ahead

Harry Reid's Boots
The Senate on Wednesday first rejected House Republicans' broad spending-cuts bill, then turned around and defeated the much shallower cuts backed by Democrats and President Obama, and both sides said it constituted progress.

The nation has experienced what Democrats do with a  supermajority; one can only pray that what the Wisconsin Republican's have done  with their super-majority will resonate in 2012.  I like Harry's custom boots.

Ann Discusses Wisconsin Unions

Fine, we understand that Wisconsin public sector employees like the system that pays them an average of $76,500 per year, with splendiferous benefits, and are fighting like wildcats against any proposed reforms to that system. But it's madness to keep treating people who are promoting their own self-interest as if they are James Meredith walking into the University of Mississippi.

This isn't how we usually view people fighting for their own economic interests.

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Chairman Ann to the rescue

Illinois Internet Tax

Illinois forces web shoppers to
report, pay online sales tax

A harbinger of things to come as states scramble to hold onto their power to spend. Hearkening back to the black days of Jummy, I remember bartering as a popular tool to thwart the tax bastids.  Another, buying a Volkswagen Rabbit diesel, and running it on fuel oil, (same thing, but no road taxes) has since been thwarted with mandatory smell additives -  if I remember correctly.  What are your suggestions for living in the coming underground economy?
The D Minus Man

Unions - The Last Hope, LOL

The Lost Dope

Unions:The Last Hope LOL

Thanks Juice, but if I was a conscientious police officer, I'd have to profile that guy as being of Messican descent of the illegal kind.  Prolly imported SEIU from Las Vegas or Oaxaca.  I'm just saying. 

  "In 30 minutes, 18 state senators undid 50 years of civil rights in Wisconsin. Their disrespect for the people of Wisconsin and their rights is an outrage that will never be forgotten," said Democratic Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller. "Tonight, 18 Senate Republicans conspired to take government away from the people."

That was my favorite part.  Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid should only have been this generous with Republicans in their many midnight constitutional emasculating  Obamalations, like health care.