Sunday, April 03, 2011

Public Employee of the Year Awards

Public Employee of the Year Awards

In the News - 1896 X-Ray Machine

1896 X-Ray Machine Fired Up Again
The pioneering device took 90-minute exposures and delivered a radiation dose 1,500 times greater than today's machines.

I bet most of you'ns thought the X-Ray Machine was invented by Sears Roebuck (above video) to measure proper shoe size, didn't you?  I know I did.  Actually, we're both sort of right.  That 1896 device is the same one Sears used.  It took 90 minutes, but there were no instructions that said that; kids just played with it that long before their moms came back from the linens floor and made them stop. 
Sears Shoe Flouroscope

Wacky Islamo Stuff

Today's Achmed WTF?

Achmed's E-Mail

Nobody will ever know what's going on here, because  police were prohibited from asking by LAPD profiling restrictions. Critical thinking does however seem to limit, to two, the reason he's lying in the street.
  1. This is where he found a wireless hotspot
  2. He's detonating the bomb he just planted in the hotel he's staying at. 
Your guess may differ.

Tennis Girl Classics

Martin Elliott’s ‘Tennis Girl’
The Back Story

  Martin Elliott’s ‘Tennis Girl’ is an iconic classic across the world, selling two million copies to become the world’s biggest selling photograph. It is a true piece of original, timeless, brilliance that portrays true elegance in its simplicity. It is not to be confused with his (rollover) later, "Lard Ass Hillary"  - [Full]