Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Opeation Enduring Clusterfuck

A Major Award

Operation Enduring Clusterfuck

 The U.N. Security Council today presented President Obama with a blue blazer w/ embroidered emblem device for "a job well done in Labia."


Got him right in the Jung-ular vein!

Freud vs. Al-Qaeda

Freud vs. Al-Qaeda

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Cain Mutiny

More Cain Mutiny

I do sort of cotton to Morgan Freeman's declaration however

Graham Responds

Graham Responds to Steyn, Stuttaford

Getting Bachman

OMFG- Bachman's nothing
but a lowdown dirty liar!
Bachmann 'Lies' about Family History, Obama 'Invents'

  "I'm actually even more than just an Iowan," Bachmann told her Hawkeye audience last week. "I'm a 7th generation Iowan. Our family goes back to the 1850s to the first pioneers that came to Iowa from Sognfjord, Norway."

According to a breathless Chris Rodda of OpEdNews, although Bachmann was born in Iowa, and although her family did come from Norway in the 1850s, her family made stops in Quebec, Wisconsin, and the Dakotas before retreating to Iowa and then only four generations ago.

Those of us who have followed the Obama family saga have to marvel at the potentially terminal myopia of people like Pinto and Rodda.

Their guy built his candidacy on the shifting sands of a family lie, not from four generations back or seven, but from this one, Obama's own. [full]
bachmann-falsly accused
I offer as a side dish to that American Thinker article this.  Some of you have seen it before - it's the (Feb 1, 2011) video where Chris Matthews is joined by Howard Fineman and David Corn in a discussion of  the Right's plan to deny Obama's reelection.  What's important about this video has nothing to do with the subject matter. It's a textbook manifestation of how the left frames arguments with false predicates, twisted truths, and ad hominem attack on the opponent.  It's all here.

Matthews begins with  Arizona (the tenderloin of American politics, says Fineman) legislation that would require presidential candidates to present a long form birth certificate in order to get on their ballot.  It has to show the hospital, the attending physician, etc." Posits Matthews; "Can something like this become law?"

 From the get-go then, a common sense requirement (who can possibly disagree on the merits?) is reduced to an unconstitutional dirty trick.  Even though Matthews later admits that Obama "probably doesn't have the long form birth certificate," that's okay --  because he earlier set the predicate that we're in an era of electronic record keeping, which includes birth certificates ( shows green .jpeg) like Obama has.

You could do a thesis on controlling the public debate using this video. If you do, I defy you to get through it without using the name  Alois Shickelgruber (ahem) in the process.

Photograpy Lesson

Lesson 5
Framing and Composition
Don't let bad composition ruin the family portrait

Immigration Diarrhea

20 Years of Projectile Immicraption
Census data favors Obama in key states

  The next America is arriving ahead of schedule. And it could rattle assumptions about the coming presidential election.

Last week’s release of national totals from the 2010 census showed that the minority share of the population increased over the past decade in every state, reaching levels higher than demographers anticipated almost everywhere, and in the nation as a whole. If President Obama and Democrats can convert that growth into new voters in 2012, they can get a critical boost in many of the most hotly contested states and also seriously compete for some highly diverse states such as Arizona and Georgia that until now have been reliably red.

Democrats Immigration Pipeline

Raise your hand if you don't see what's happening here.  And nothing can be done about it; Ernst Rohm's street police are in charge, like it or not.
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Adult Toy Storage

Today's WTF?

Adult Toy Storage

For that "Hammermatic" that won't fit in your night-stand?

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50 Rayovac AA Batteries

Today's WOOT (side)

50 Rayovac AA Batteries

You're welcome

Frauland National Drill Team

Frauland National Drill Team
Snappy group. Precision movements.