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We oughta be casing his joint

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Casing the Joint
  Bestowing an honor upon bin Laden, through his quick Islamic burial, is the equivalent of Obama bowing to him. This is a humiliation. A desecration of his body was not necessary, but neither was a “careful handling of his body paying respect to Islamic practices.”

bin Laden bastardized Islamic teachings, no? Isn’t that what we’ve been told?

If I was a devout Christian, and Hitler’s body was brought to America and given a funeral adhering to the full practices of a Christian tradition, I would be appalled.

Who would have been offended if bin Laden was thrown in a pine box and burned? Muslims? What sort of Muslims? [Full]
Tain't nothing I can add.

Pater Camillias

Pater Camillias

Pater Camillia

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Tom Mann

Dream's Of My Father ....

Dreams of My Father's
Best friend, I Forgot His name

 Palm d'Jour Winner for Bad Taste
Stolen from SondraK (and there's this too)

Who's Your King?!?

Nice beginning. Ahem.

Nice beginning.  Ahem.

Tom Mann

Re: Sgt. bin Laden and Cpl. Omar

Pakistan's Osama Problem

Sgt. bin Laden and Cpl. Omar
    The luxurious compound where bin Laden may have lived for several years wasn't a secret to the Pakistanis. Abbottabad, the Pakistani town just outside of the capitol, is home to a military college and several military units.

"It is very much off the usual track for foreigners, and I simply do not believe Bin Laden could hide there unaided by, or unknown to, the Pakistanis,"
 a U.S. military official told Yahoo! News. British diplomat Sir Christopher Meyer told the New York Times that "some" in the Pakistani government "have been complicit in concealing Osama bin Laden for a very long time."

 They got their face saving gesture for giving up in Afghanistan now. Thing From Snowy Mountain
ISI helped Mullah Omar to flee to Karachi to escape US drone attacks -
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What? Don't know your ass from an elbow?

Lesson 5
Framing and Composition
Don't let bad photo composition ruin the family portrait

What? Don't know your ass from an elbow?

What? Don't know ass from elbow? Rollover
Dom M

We got him

We Got Him!

Something WTF?,

Oh. Right.

Osama Dead Responses

O Club Chat

20110502 06:16 gromky "Today, at my direction, the United States launched a targeted operation against that compound, in Abbottabad, Pakistan. A small team of Americans carried out the operation with extraordinary courage and capability. No Americans were harmed. They took care to avoid civilian casualties. After a firefight, they killed Osama bin Laden and took custody of his body."
-—President Barack Obama, May 1, 2011

How long have we been waiting for an announcement like this? What would we have said in October 2001 if a time portal opened and this message fell out?
20110502 00:00 badanov Now the story can be told: The hunt for Osama bin Laden:

20110501 23:56 swksvolFF @k it, I'll buy a round.
20110502 01:12 Thing From Snowy Mountain OS: Bin Laden is dead. We're owned by Saudi Arabia and China. Can't even drill here.

It's a bit like hanging Mussolini and waking up the next morning and going back to shoveling cash to Hitler.
20110502 07:53 3dc                                       one fricking block from Khan's home! (A.Q. Khan?)
20110501 23:03 Thing From Snowy Mountain It's also nice to know they've gotten something in return for handing over a significant fraction of the remaining oilfield in America to the Saudis.
20110502 03:19 3dc supposed death photo  
dead osama (fake?)
20110502 06:17 gromky That "supposed death photo" is an ancient fake.
8:17 Glenmore Immediate burial at sea? Prevents making a shrine of his gravesite, but also dulls the impact/believability of his demise. Difficult call, I guess. Presume we had a Muslim chaplain on board the helicopter when they pushed him out.
And, this comment from Political Punch  ....

  A hand well played, Mr. President. I still wouldn't vote for you if my life depended upon it, but this was a good move. Navy SEALs rock.

Posted by: ConservativeWoman | May 2, 2011 7:37:54 AM
  And Finally -- First Thoughts: It's Not Chess. You Don't Win by Toppling the King.

Thespians Gone Wild

The Late Bloomer

This film was an official selection at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival. It revolves around seventh-grade sex-ed class, taught by one Ms. Lovecraft, that doesn't go as planned.  I found the narration somewhat annoying, as if DeWolf Hopper had returned from the grave.