Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Post hemorrhages money - turns to Trick

The House That Dick Built


Red Skelton - prescient

Just 42 years ago

A "skit" from one of Red Skelton's 1969 T.V. shows... WOW.....just think about it, he said this on his TV show in 1969 & had no clue his words would ever come to fruition. 

Jerking The Dog Around

Catch as catch can ...

The version of this video I posted was pulled ...
Pulled Vid
Sounds like a case of viral video maker seeing $$$ possibilies  ... except it's still up on YouTube, different location.  If you like it as much as I do, save this one to disk.

Fugitive glue

Fugitive glue, gone fugitive
Fugitive glue

There's something about Maria

Schwarzenegger, Shriver separating after 25 years
He's running for

He's running for ‘reelection’

I'm not the only person, I'll wager, who's wondered how Arnie's attempt to get back to Hollywooding will go. I mean, here's a guy who possessed something of a John Wayne aura amongst movie goers.  The no nonsense, get out-uff my way live action hero.  That audience were the same people who championed his ouster of ass-hat Democrat Gov. Gray Davis.  The same constituency who caused talk about changing the constitution —  so he could run for president (now a fait accompli — ahem). 

Movie going conservatives were his natural constituency.  Now, the perception exists among them that after running afoul of California's ruling Democrats, Arnie turned to his his wife, daughter of Uncle Ted Kennedy's sister Eunice, to save his political career.  The perception, again, is that Maria saved him by turning him into a girly-man version of the Swimmer. Like Barack Obama, Arnie is faced now with the task of winning reelection.  He, or at least Hollywood producers, need to rely on that conservative box office being there.   Like Barry then, Arnie has to change his image amongst them.  What does any Democrat do, and certainly a  Kennedy, when a lead weight threatens to sink him?  That's right,  Ditch the Bi*ch.  Cut it loose and swim to familiar shores. This is facilitated in Arnie's case because Maria is her mother's daughter. AWK!

I'm not saying he can't pull it off.  I am saying that if I am somehow, improbably, enticed into paying to see a new Schwarzenegger movie, all I would see on the screen is Al Gore playing the Terminator.  I couldn't get over that image of his last role. *spit* The fantasy is DOA.

So does Richard Gere

Yeah? So does Richard Gere