Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jacob Weisberg, a singlarly liberal man ...

The filthy left's summer of discontent
"Obama Is Too Good for Us."

Barack Obama's recent political difficulties have proved shattering to many of his erstwhile enthusiasts. One of them is Jacob Weisberg, editor of, who in a column last week declared himself fed up—with America.

The lesson of the debt-ceiling deal, Mr. Weisberg sobbed, is that "there is no point trying to explain complex matters to the American people. The president has tried reasonableness and he has failed." A pithier expression of this lament was the headline of an online column by liberal Republican Charles Fried: "Obama Is Too Good for Us."

Jacob Weisberg Agonistes

Weisberg is, as are all Liberals without exception,  arrogant, condescending, and as a consequence of  being cloistered from alternative viewpoints by choice, spectacularly ignorant if not stupid about anything more rigerous than choosing which color lapel ribbon to wear each day. Only more so.

One more clip from Taranto—
Mr. Weisberg thought he should have been, given the all-around awesomeness of the junior senator from Illinois. If Mr. Obama lost to John McCain, Mr. Weisberg concluded, it could mean only one thing: America was irredeemably racist.

You heard that a lot in those days ...  Just ask Drew Westen, who noted in a New York Times op-ed that Mr. Obama "had accomplished very little before he ran for president," that he "had a singularly unremarkable" academic career, "publishing nothing . . . other than an autobiography," and that as a state senator he "voted 'present' . . . 130 times."

Westen, a Democratic tactician, was spared the charge of racism only because he waited until this past Sunday to write that essay. 

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We Are Doomed


Bolton: 'If no one else is prepared to make that case, I will' ,

Polar Opposites

Global Warming Link to Drowned Polar Bears Melts Under Searing Fed Probe

The HEad Goron

Polar bears drowning in an Alaskan sea because the ice packs are melting—it’s the iconic image of the global warming debate.
But the validity of the science behind the image—presented as an ignoble testament to our environment in peril by Al Gore in his film An Inconvenient Truth—is now part of a federal investigation that has the environmental community on edge. [Full]

Just for a moment I was in awe.  Awed by the prospect of the Obama DOJ actually investigating enviro fraud.  Just for a moment though.
Eric Holder’s Justice Department has already declined to pursue any criminal prosecution in the probe, but the scientists still face possible administrative action for any wrongdoing, the inspector general said in the memo.

Firmly packed

I call this "Menthol 100"

Duane Sands? I don't think so.

Duane Sand: Not ready for prime time
Seeking GOP Nomination to U.S. Senate Criticizes ‘Debt Ceiling Debacle’;
Won’t Commit to Supporting Sen. McConnell for Senate Leadership

Sand threw his hat in the ring once again because, as he said in a statement announcing his candidacy, North Dakotans can rely on his "unswerving commitment to core principles."


The proper opening for my kind of guy would have been
  • First of all, that "Super Committee" you spoke of is another useless mechanism by congress to avoid taking meaningless action, ever.   That was not leadership, it was a shell game and everyone knows it, so why play these games?
The proper answer to "would you vote for McConnell for Senate Minority or Majority Leader is
  • No.
That  disinfo about the Tea Party getting what they were after demanded this response —
  • What planet are you from?  The Tea Party wanted  immediate spending cuts in excess of a $1 trillion with no raise in the spending cap.  What we should be discussing now is turning the economy loose by getting government off  our backs.
What I heard was a mealy mouthed professional candidate without convictions and without balls.  Who else is there in North Dakota?

Why did I even post this?

Person in Hawaii claims he obtained PAN AM flight logs that show Obama flew with parents from Kenya to Hawaii at 5 months old.

"I have a copy of the birth certificate. I will post this soon and then corroborating evidence barrack actually flew into Hawaii at 5 months of age with his parents. You see I figured out how to prove this because I obtained logs of flights from what was. PAN AM and there were only two airlines flying into Hawaii at that time. It was fairly easily once I found the archived records. This cover up involves major players in Hawaii and in the federal government. Believe or don't believe me I don't care. Obama was born in Kenya to father who was a communist agent trained in Moscow!"

This has an oder of agitprop poop, but if the logs are produced, and verified, that's that.


Could the Tea Party actually be Obama's salvation. No.

Could the Tea Party actually be Obama's salvation in 2012?
Salon's news editor
Steve Kornacki is creaming, er dreaming over the prospect

In other words, the possibility that he'll wind up a one-term president has never seemed so real. Economic anxiety is what motivates swing voters, and the more they feel it, the more eager they are to vote out incumbents. This is the rule that explains why Jimmy Carter lost his job in 1980 and why George H.W. Bush lost his in 1992, and there's no real reason to think it won't apply next year if the economy doesn't turn around.

Unless ... well, have you seen the latest poll on the Republican Party's image?


Let's put aside that this Kornacki chap would rely on CNN polling as basis for anything.  And forget that the NY Times just published a memorandum from Bill Clinton​’s pollster Stanley Greenberg​ that warned :
  • Voters in the developed world are turning away from Democrats, Socialists, liberals and progressives.
  • Voters feel ever more estranged from government—and they associate Democrats with government.”
  • If they are to win trust, and votes, Democrats must show they are as determined as the Tea Party movement to change the rules of the game
  • This distrust of government and politicians is unfolding as a full-blown crisis of legitimacy [and] sidelines Democrats and liberalism."
Because CNN may be on to something, and Kornacki has  misinterpreted it. '

If  asked to identify myself as a Democrat, Republican or Independent, as my voter registration board does, I must respond Republican so  I can vote in the Republican primary.  Besides, I view "Independents" as Democrats in disguise to game the pollsters, or idiots who can't name either of their U.S. Senators.  But
I am one of these Republicans touted by CNN .

  • A lot of that anger seems directed toward the GOP.  According to the survey, favorable views of the Republican party dropped eight points over the past month, to 33 percent. Fifty-nine percent say they have an unfavorable view of the Republican party, an all-time high dating back to 1992 when the question was first asked.

I want every establishment Republican defeated in 2012.  But, I certainly don't want them replaced by Democrats.  Egad!  I want them replaced by Tea Party candidates with an established public record of being conservative.  I will bet money that a good chunk of the "Republicans" cited  in that poll want the same thing. 

Joe Nocera's Cancer

NY Times Vet Recounts His Insular World:
Didn't Meet Any Republicans Until Well Into Adulthood

Growing up in heavily Democratic Providence, R.I., in the 1950s, it was hard not to absorb the values of the Democratic Party — the party of Roosevelt, as my parents often reminded me, who had gotten the country through the Great Depression. My parents and their friends believed in a progressive income tax, in the importance of unions (my parents were public schoolteachers), and in a government that helped those who couldn’t help themselves. It wasn’t until I moved to Washington after college that I got to know any Republicans. Not until I was nearing 30, and living in Texas, did I see how conservative most of the country truly is.
Joe Nocara - another Liberal asshat

Joe Nocera states that he learned that  it was important for liberals to criticize various wrongheaded tenets of liberalism.  He once wrote a story about out of control teacher unions that was so strong that his teacher mother complained to the editor.  "I came to see myself as a pragmatist who favored common-sense solutions over ideology," says Joe. So this newest New York Times OP-Ed writer will act as a counter balance to the paper's band of left-wingnuts?  No. Good intentions will not, can not, overcome a life of Libthink. 

Then came the financial crisis. I like to joke that there’s nothing like a good financial crisis to turn you into a liberal. But it’s not really a joke. The more I learned the back story that led to the crisis, the more horrified I became. The lack of regulation and oversight of Wall Street and the big subprime companies like Countrywide, driven by the ideology of deregulation, was thoughtless and irresponsible. The refusal of bank regulators to stop subprime abuses bordered on the criminally negligent ... That anger reached its apex on Tuesday, when I wrote a column comparing the Tea Party Republicans to terrorists.

Sorry Joe. Liberalism is harder to treat than pancreatic cancer. (See story below, Joe) 

If the shoe fits, steal it - Lib Culture

Years of liberal dogma have spawned a generation of amoral, uneducated, welfare dependent, brutalized youngsters gas steam valve for naive liberals

They respond only to instinctive animal impulses — to eat and drink, have sex, seize or destroy the accessible property of others.
But Rodge, the article was about the UK. gas steam valve for naive liberals