Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Springtime For Democrats

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Springtime For Hitler, Reprised

We’ve seen Solyndra, Inc. in the news.  The company was to produce green energy, and received hundreds of billions of dollars in US government funds.  Then they failed and went under.  They are not the first green “producer” to receive federal loans and then fail.  And then disappear, with money going who knows where.  This reminds me of the movie, later play, “The Producers”. 

Springtime For Obama

Max Bialystok, play producer, conned little old ladies of their money.  In fact, they were “oversubscribed”.  He then produced a lemon which closed the first night.  Bialystok kept the remaining money, and no investor asked for her share. 

The problem came when a bright accountant looked at the books, understood the scheme, and suggested doing the absolutely worst play ever.  “Springtime For Hitler” was impossible to make a success, and the oversubscribed donors were sure never to see their money back.  Unfortunately for the producers, it became an immediate smash hit, leading to discovery of the scam, and the next play they produced was in prison.

 Someone has looked carefully at “The Producers” and come up with the perfect scam.  They know the technology they are doling out funds for has absolutely no chance of success (and they know it).  “Springtime for Hitler” will never bight them in the butt.

Rodger, this is one of the many ways the Democrats have developed to loot the treasury.


나는 악마를 소우

나는 악마를 소우
당신이 생각하는 그 세상에서 가장 흉악한 영화는 절대로 끝나지 않아요
나는 그것을 언급하지 responsibilty을지지 않습니다

One Who Knows

Unless the purchasing agent has the list of your competitor's bids on the table.

Reading Backwards


Crack (Head?) Pot Economics

$15 seems pretty steep

President Barack Obama proposed curbing the amount of interest from municipal bonds that top earners can exclude from their taxable income, a step that may diminish demand for state and local-government securities. [Full]

Apres Barry Les Deluge

News From the Swamp


Republican Bob Turner is poised to pull a huge upset in the race to replace Anthony Weiner as the Congressman from New York's 9th Congressional District.  He leads Democrat David Weprin 47-41 with Socialist Workers candidate Christopher Hoeppner at 4% and 7% of voters remaining undecided. [PPP (Democrat)  Poll]

The significance of this for democrats cannot be overstated.  Which is why of course Progressives are going all Krugmanny.

Genius Garage Door Opener - No Wiring

Genius Garage Door Opener

  Don M

Perry Wins hands down ...

The Term Ponzi is Scaring Old Farts

Leaving out Obama's unfortunate appearance in the lead in., one of these guys represents the tea party manifesto (if there is one) "Let's stop this crap and start over," while the other guy is a smarmy gopparatchik reprising the role of ghosts past,  like Rockefeller, Dole, Bush, McCain. and Romney (George).  I report, you decide. 

By the by, if Sarah Palin does not get into the race by, say the next week, I will have to commit to the better of these two guys.  My gut instinct is that we need someone like Palin—   where there is no chance whatever of letting the establishment  serve up another good old boy. We need someone like me, but with gravitas. 

More by the by.  Truth be known, we need a Caesar to cross the Rubicon.  Sorry, but it's come to that.

More Krugman

Go To Hell Krugman

Stuff we all know and agree with, but gutsman Gutfeld telling Paul Krugman to go to Hell is a nice way to start the day.