Here’s my take on the debate last night.

Perry looked like he was struggling to remember his lines but couldn’t quite do it.

Romney looked like he could remember his lines since he’s been practicing in the mirror for the past four years.

Gingrich looked like he didn’t need lines. He is just going to riff anyway.

Bachmann had lines, but unfortunately they were all from the movie Fargo.

For some reason, Cain finished all his lines with, “That dog won’t hunt,” which is ironic because he neither has a dog nor hunts.

Huntsman was struggling to hold onto his script. His hands were slippery from all the Coppertone.

Gary Johnson from New Mexico had a nervous twitch and kept thinking to himself, “Dude, I’m on TV.”

Santorum had a good script but he was put out that he actually had to answer questions.

And Ron Paul refused all scripts because they are not specifically mentioned in the Constitution.