Sunday, October 09, 2011

Where's Waldo? ........

Today's Nostalgia

Bulls say the Lords Prayer

Gone- in just 20 years

This is the fourth version I uploaded to You Tube.  The previous three stopped at the 21 second mark???  I don't know why.  This too is stopping and starting, but eventually plays through.  It's crappy quality because I shoot things with a hand held cam when I see something notable.  In this case that was the Bulls reciting the Lord's Prayer after winning the 1991 championship game against the Lakers.  Wouldn't happen today.  That's how much we've relinquished to the Left in 20 short years.

We Are the 53% ... .

We Are The 53%
and we have a message for the 99%

The 53%

Who are they?  The term 53% refers to the people who are actually paying taxes for themselves and the rest of the country

The Blaze

Let me know if you post your own statement.

Subliminally Yours ... Woof Woof ....

The TV advert that talks to your DOG!
Pet food firm uses sounds humans can't hear to make Fido sit up and take notice
Developed for Barack Obama 2008 campaign adverts

Barking: Nestle are hoping to persuade people to buy their pet food with the high-pitched sounds

The advert shows a dogs pricking up its ears and ends with the words 'So delicious, so healthy, so happy' in German.

Georg Sanders, a nutrition expert at Nestle Purina PetCare in Germany, said: 'Dogs' hearing is twice as sharp as humans.

'They can pick up frequencies which are beyond our range and they are better at differentiating sounds.'

Nestle got the idea after viewing Barack Obama campaign ads in 2008.

Beg Rover, Beg!  That's a good doggie.

Ron Paul Dissapoints. Again. ........

Ron Paul: US could target journalists for killing
Sadly, the excitement lasts only as long as the headline.
Poops on his own parade
Hoes in the Outfield

Stinking up Wall Street

Stinking up Wall Street:
Protesters accused of being living filth


Supporter: American television personality and political commentator Keith Olbermann visits the protest
Raw sewer: An unidentified man seen defecates on a NYPD patrol car in downtown Manhattan
(more excrement on roll-over)

According to eye witnesses, when people ran to tell nearby police about the man defecating on the squad car they were ignored. [full]

Everyone of these pictures have been seen before; taken at every ANSWER/KGB organized demonstration since the Vietnam war. (Just substitute Jane Fonda or Michael Moore for Olbermann)


Despite claiming to represent 'the 99 per cent', not all Americans are behind the Wall Street protests.

But according to the Financial Times, the President himself is unofficially backing their cause.

The paper wrote: 'While not endorsing the protests, Barack Obama and Joe Biden have expressed understanding of the movement that has spread rapidly across the country.

'Mr Obama said people were angry because Wall Street had not been 'following the rules'.

'His vice-president even compared the movement on Thursday to the Tea Party, the conservative movement which has upended national politics in the past two years.'

The Mahian Calendar was spot-on

The Mahian Calendar

Occupy New Jersey??

Given enough rope ... .

Air and Space Commies
The cohesive (huh?) message of useful idiots

The Air and Space Museum?  Whenever Democrats want to punish Republicans for shutting down gummint during budget squabbles, the first thing they do is shut down popular tourist attractions like National Parks and ... the Air & Space Museum.  They can count on that night's news to headline the disappointment of buses of school children who were turned away because of stingy Republicans.  It always works.

What a clusterf**k this was then.  When I watched the news,  my first thought (guess) was "where are the good guys?"  Where are the the angry citizens armed with razor bladed baseball bats?   In my mind's eye P-38's swooped in and strafed the lot of them.  But there
was nothing.  When they  attacked Smithsonian guards who tried to disperse them, the response was to shut the museum down.

Which was good.  The public might yawn over the "Occupy the Wall,' (and Occupy New Jersey?WTF), but this will hit home.  All around America children are asking their parents "How can they do this?  Isn't it against the law?" 

Jersey Shore Commies