Monday, October 31, 2011

Coon Fight- Coon Fight!

Who's Winning?

Pumpkin Coons

Oh yeah, step over this line! ....

Where some guy paints a target on his face,
so to speak ...

Every cop, anywhere, who sees this will feel the urge to plant his baton two inches deep into his skull. That was my first reaction. But, I'll say this about these people;  they have passion.   The kind us teapartiers don't show.  Yet.  I can't speak to the incident he's referring to, but yeah, maybe he's right.  If so,  good on him. Still, he's pretty stupid, unless he sees a future in martyrdom. I will love seeing him put his words into action.   If he  does, my guess is—   "speed and vodka."  Let's  hope a lot of  these fleas smarten up and take their energy and join us. 

marc miller

MIB Idyll




I'm in a ponderment over the meaning of this current spate of ancient alien and UFO stories that populate the various Hitler channels' programming.  Popularized in the late 1960's by Erich von Däniken, I've always found merit in  the theory that aliens involved themselves in this most recent chapter of  Epoch Earth.   Is this current fascination, then,  due to the insatiable demand for 24/7 entertainment?  Or is it Men in Black preparing us for some imminent revelation?  

The Creeps ...

Salami Mission, The

Salami Mission, The

Rolling Over Michelle Obama ...

Michelle’s back, and she’s madder than ever.

The Many Faces of Michelle Obama

Mad Michelle

Mad Michelle

Mad Michelle

Mad Michelle

Mad Michelle

Mad Michelle

Mad Michelle

Mad Michelle

Your unobtainium has shipped

Your unobtainium has shipped? 

My ideal solution for real Americans, sickened by the state of government, is not centered around secession (although in extremis  that may be the only recourse),  but rather the expulsion of several states that sustain this tyranny.  Why should the husband leave home because his wife cheats on him?   Truth be known, I've always felt it would require a major dose of  unobtainium to work.  But wait! 

This is brilliant!  If the District of Columbia secedes, it is then, under terms of the Lincoln Doctrine, attackable. We can blow the damned place off the map,  and school children will donate pennies to build statues of us for doing it.  And when I say blow the damned place off the map, I mean while congress is in session. USA UAS USA!

Play it Mr. Butters ...

Limbaugh: Politico Story An "Unconscionable Racially Charged Attack"

Limbaugh compared the rapidly expanding Cain saga to the way media outlets covered the alleged indiscretions of former President Bill Clinton, concluding that the Politico story is a part of a calculated left-wing strategy to marginalize minority conservatives — including Cain and Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio, who was subject of a Washington Post story last week about claims that his parents were Cuban exiles.

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But, Rodge—  I'm turned off when you call them "filthy democrats." - Larry Louno

The preferred usage is "filthy f'n democrats" Larry

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