Sunday, November 06, 2011

Hope, Job, and Cash blah-blah-blah


Then Cut His Balls Off ...

John Boehner at the Wheel
where he belongs

Then cut his balls off!

John Boehner Dedicated to Helping Super Committee Succeed

“It has to work, and I am committed to ensuring that it works,” the Ohio Republican said on ABC’s “This Week.”

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“It has to work ...?"  The only way this clandestine Super Committee abortion can work is to give Democrats what they wanted in the first place.  More spending, with any real budget cuts coming out of the DOD's hide.  God save us from Democrats and their handmaidens.  

The Amazing Ranulph Fiennes

The Real ''Most Interesting Man in the World"
Sir Ranulph Fiennes
Of Whom I knew nothing about
Provincial colonist that I am

I think he could have been the best James Bond ever; certainly no worse than second to Sean Connery. Quite an amazing bloke, right out of Britain's past greatness. .

It's Thug Time!

"A fair shot to everybody; a fair shot from everybody."

Filthy Democrat thugs


When Pres. Obama spoke this week at a firehouse, he made a statement that should stand the hairs on your head: "A fair shot to everybody; a fair shot from everybody."  Translation: "From each according to his ability; to each according to his needs." The last was from Marx, and is the heart of his Communist Manifesto. I haven't heard this anywhere except on Barry Farber's radio show. By the way, Obama asked for, but did not get, applause from his audience.  Everyone heard about Biden's stupid statement, but who has heard of Obama's statement of fealty to Marx?

Damian Housman

And a fair shot at anyone who resists. Ahem.

Fuck Lloyd Blankfein

The New Evangalism?  
Fuck Lloyd Blankfein
Celebrating the Great Depression Since 2011! Food Stamps for Everybody!

Brothers and sisters, I really want to thank you for the kind comments.  The truth?  I don't deserve them.  I'm a cunt.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not a killer.  Nor am I a rapist or a child molester.  Neverthless, I'm still filth.

I'm a hypocrite.  I'm against abortion and the death penalty.  However, when Dr. Tiller was murdered in a church in Kansas City a couple years ago, I was very happy.

And why not?  The man had killed thousands of fetuses.  I like fetuses. I'm a pro-life motherfucker.

With that said, why do I get to decide who lives or dies?  My euphoria was outrageous.  The Christ-God makes His call.  Not me.

The name of my blog is Fuck Lloyd Blankfein.  It's not Kill Lloyd Blankfein.  See the difference?

I'm a rebel, not a revolutionary.

I love Lloyd Blankfein.  I love Chuck Prince.  I love Ben Bernanke.  In fact, I love all the Wall Street scoundrels.

That's what the Chirst-God demands.  I have to love my enemies--no matter what. It's a real pisser.  But I'm stuck.  So what's a boy to do?

You have your boss, and I have my King.

My point?  You might think I'm cool because I have a way with words.  But I'm not cool.  I'm the antithesis of cool.

My real purpose?  I'm here to convert you.  Make no mistake, cocksuckers.  That's what I'm all about. It's my raison d'etre.

So if I fail to respond to your comments, don't fret.  I'm fucking old.  I don't know jack-shit about the internet.  I'm not here for conversation.  I want your souls.

I'm an evangalist.  Just letting you cunts know the truth.

Anyway, God bless you and keep you, my brothers and sisters.  And fuck Lloyd Blankfein.

Marc Miller sent me the link to Fuck Lloyd Blankfein

He kinda reminds me of my nephew Barry who lived in Korea for about 4-5 years after graduation and married a very lovely Korean girl. They now live in the US and he works for a big Korean company.

Anyways. This blogger's writing style is quite original to say the least.

I agree Marc.  Does that mean I agree with everything he says?  Only sometimes.  But, I like his style.

Famous Obama Quotes

Today's Obamunism #1

Filthy Democrats  Self reliance? Say it ain't so!

The one thing that we absolutely know for sure is that if we don’t work even harder [to reelect me] than we did in 2008, then we’re going to have a government that tells the American people, ‘you are on your own
!  President Obama - San Francisco fundraiser speach to plantation slackers

    Frank 'n Evvy

Eggs Real King of France and Sweden

Did you move the clock back?


If not, you have an hour before Sunday Mass to make Eggs Real King of France and Sweden. (Benedict was a traitor)

 English Muffin
Grilled Ham Slices
 Poached eggs
Nacho Cheese (Tostito's Queso]
Asparagus Spears