Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Attack Media Raising Cain


With the mainstream media giddily reporting on an alleged affair involving Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, how long can it be before they break the news that their 2004 vice presidential candidate conceived a "love child" with his mistress, Rielle Hunter?

The left is trying to destroy Cain with a miasma of hazy accusations leveled by three troubled women. Considered individually, the accusations are utterly unbelievable. They are even less credible taken together. This is how liberals destroy a man, out of nothing.

After the first round of baseless accusations against Cain, an endless stream of pundits rolled out the cliche -- as if it were the height of originality -- "This isn't he said-she said; it's he-said, she-said, she-said, she-said, she–said."

Au contraire: We had two "shes" and only one "said."

Remember? Only two women were willing to give their names. And as soon as they did, we discovered that they were highly suspicious accusers with nothing more than their personal honor to support the allegations. Only one of the two would even say what Cain allegedly did.

The first one was Sharon Bialek ...  Ann Coulter Cont


Newt Mesmerizes - But ...


I'm still able to be mesmerized by Newt's ideas and rhetoric.  Unfortunately, in my view he's part of the GOP establishment who sabotaged Sarah Pain and now Herman Cain. Yes, the GOP,  in partnership with the DNC.  Newt is at heart a believer in government - BIG government.  Here's a clip from today's Classic Liberal; ideas that are compatible with my own.  Teaparty Caves-in

Newt Gingrich in a Nutshell

ABC News and Yahoo sponsored a round of interviews with the Republican presidential candidates earlier this month. Here's Newt's response when he was asked what other graven image he thought should adorn Mount Rushmore.

Who should be the fifth president on Mount Rushmore?

Gingrich: I'll go for five and six: F.D.R. and Reagan.

Yes, you read that correctly. Newt Gingrich wants to honor Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the very man whom the modern conservative movement rose to fight against. See: FDR and the Collectivist Wave.

Watch Rush's Video Below

Another Begathon ...

Another Begathon ...
Whiny buggers

After this was made, a bunch of fat cats chipped in and made their dream possible.  At least it wasn't gummint.


Impeach? For what would be a Capital crime? Click-Click

We Report, You Decide

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I make nothing of Obama's visit to the SCOTUS prior to his inauguration.  It's  overreaching and unnecessary, and ought to have been left out as.  The other points are valid, near as I can tell.  You koow where I stand.

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All Around Frustration

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Butt ....

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